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Pop Socket Wireless Charger

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Pop Socket Wireless Charger

4 Ways to Use Wireless Accusing With Your PopSockets Grip

Love a PopSocket? Who doesn’t?! Nonetheless, what if you poverty to wirelessly charge your phone? Pop Socket Wireless Charger. The container it be done?

If you have a Popsocket, you see how invaluable it is for texting or taking selfies, let alone as a temporary stand to watch a show on the go.

Collecting PopSockets is addictive, too, and through so many colors and styles, it’s easy to accumulate a big collection.

However, the biggest problem facing PopSocket lovers is wireless charging. How do you wirelessly responsibility your phone if you consume a PopSocket attached?

Thankfully, several wireless charging choices are open to PopSocket users, including about solutions from the company itself.

So, here’s how you custom wireless indicting with your PopSocket!

1. If You Already Have a Wireless Mount, Try It Out with Your PopSocket: Pop Socket Wireless Charger

If You Already Have a Wireless Mount, Try It Out with Your PopSocket Pop Socket Wireless Charger

This may seem like an clear proposal, but if you already consume a wireless charger that you used through your phone before hitting a PopSocket on your case, try it out before looking aimed at other options. Sometimes your mobile may still be able to charge wirelessly even through your PopSocket, so it’s worth trying before you start looking for other options.

Because some wireless chargers are intended to work through thick phone cases, they can still function correctly through a PopSocket. So though you’ll likely have to try one of the other three choices in this post, it’s at least worth trying if you already own a wireless charger, especially if it’s a influential one from a well-known brand.

2. Use a Swappable PopSocket: Pop Socket Wireless Charger

Use a Swappable PopSocket Pop Socket Wireless Charger


Due to the stresses of a lot of its purchaser base, PopSocket threw Swappable PopSockets. By way of the name implies, this variety of the PopSocket lets you affix the base to your phone then easily swap out the highest portion.

The previous version, Classic PopSockets, arose with the top and base permanently connected. Unfortunately, this intended that you either had to rip off PopSockets. When you want to alter the design or swap between phone cases, each with a dissimilar PopSocket.

On top of making it calmer for customers to swap between their favorite PopSocket designs, Swappable PopSockets brand wireless charging super easy. Pop Socket Wireless Charger. These PopSockets were specifically planned with customer requests in mind, which is awesome to see from a large company.

3. Remove Your Case While Charging: Pop Socket Wireless Charger

Remove Your Case While Charging

Although this is an clear idea, it’s worth casing because it’s still a viable option. If you remove your phone case completely, there’s nothing in the method between your mobile and the wireless charger.

Removing your phone case is a countless option if you have a lot of Classic PopSockets in your group or if your phone case is incredibly easy to take off. And though Swappable PopSockets are easy to revenue off too, you might be someone who’s prone to losing the ornamental top when it’s not attached to your phone. It’s a lot harder to misplace a bulkier phone case.

4. Use the PopPower Wireless Charger: Pop Socket Wireless Charger

Use the PopPower Wireless Charger Pop Socket Wireless

The PopSocket business has done a lot to answer customer stresses and stay relevant despite apparent at first like a trendy, short-lived fad. For example, they intended the PopPower wireless charger, which continues to wholesale out quickly at numerous retailers.

The PopPower mount is circular, with a concave circle in the middle for your PopSocket. When you’re prepared to charge your phone wirelessly. All you have to do is line up your PopSocket with the hovel in the middle of the charger and you’re good to go. While most PopSockets will work through the PopPower charger. The company lists incompatible PopSocket designs, like PopGrip Lips, Disco Crystal, or any metal PopSocket.

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