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5 Easy Tips to Find the Right Bag

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The bag is an important element of the image, which can make it brighter or radically ruin it. And it doesn’t matter if you bought your bag in Zara or spent a jackpot for playing at on it. And these 5 tips will help you find the right bag for any occasion.


When choosing a bag, size is essential. First, understand when you can take with you a miniature. Absolutely not capacious handbag, and when it’s better to give preference to more practical models. The eternal mistake of all fans of tiny handbags is to carry them on any occasion.

And if there is no place to put things, pockets will help. Nothing spoils the image as much as pockets full of change. After that Your credit card, house keys, headphones, lip balm, and sometimes something bigger. Assess your capabilities and choose a bag where you can put the necessary things. And leave the mini-models for a more convenient case.

Secondl, the size of the bag should match the dimensions of your shape. Large models are contraindicated to petite girls. So, they seem smaller than they really are. It is better to give preference to an accessory of medium size, which is carried in the hand, or a compact handbag with a chain over the shoulder.


Many girls think that a black bag is a base that fits absolutely everything, but we do not agree with this. Of course, it is useful to have such models in the closet, besides. It is not so difficult to find what to combine them with. However, to say that a black bag fits absolutely everything is also impossible. The biggest mistake is to buy one-type black models that barely differ from each other. They look boring and can make almost any image boring. In addition, girls who prefer practical bags, as a rule, adhere to a conservative style. And this means that most of their clothes are classics, which begs for bright, unusual accessories.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If you want to try something new, start with a more or less calm color that’s not too flashy – beige, chocolate, wine, pastel blue, pale pink, mustard, or rich green.


The style of the bag should match the mood of your image, especially when it comes to an evening or business meeting.

Going to a job interview or a business meeting, don’t take a clutch or a mini-sized handbag – such models look frivolous and unlikely to help you make the right impression on your colleagues and partners. Avoid vague bags that spread in your hands like a jellyfish in the sun – give preference to models with a rigid body of medium size.

Decisive role in a business look plays the finishing of the bag: no rhinestones, beads, rivets and other unnecessary accessories – choose a concise design. As for colors – look for models with calm, saturated colors, but the screaming fuchsia, acid yellow or gold leave for everyday or evening looks.

Combination With Other Things

Remember the rule that the bag must necessarily match the color of the shoes? Today it is already outdated. It is very difficult to choose a bag in tone every time – how many models do you need to have in your arsenal? Forget about these silly restrictions and experiment with colors boldly. A bright bag will help to enliven the outfit, and with special skill and even to emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

The bag is the easiest way to add color to the image. You don’t have to worry that the shade will be inappropriate, as it is located far enough away from the face. Feel free to choose bags of unusual colors and do not be afraid to create contrasting combinations.

Strap and Handle

First, take into account how you feel more comfortable to wear the bag. If on your shoulder – you’ll be fine with models on a short shoulder strap. If in hand – with a comfortable, short handle.

Second, calculate the length of the strap. If your outfit is decorated in the chest area, crossbody bags are not the best option. They will cover important elements of the image. After that, Choose models that are carried on the shoulder or in the hand.

Girls with a large bottom should beware of models with a strap or chain over the shoulder, which end at the same level as the hips. Such handbags will not only emphasize the already puffy forms. But also add extra volume.

The same applies to waist bags. If you do not want your hips to look twice as wide, try to avoid such models.

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