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What can I do after BA in mass communication?

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Journalism and mass communication present opportunities for students to explore the world and build a career at the same time. One of the most lucrative and respectable careers in existence, journalism and mass communication open the door to career roles in diverse industries such as advertising, media, academics, filmmaking, event management, and many more.

Pursuing BA Mass Communication imparts media literacy to students and helps develop their skills through lectures, workshops, seminars, and internships. Once completed, the academic and practical knowledge you receive will help unleash your creativity and potential in global workspaces.

You can choose to continue further studies or start your career straightaway after completing your BA in mass communication. Let’s look at the various opportunities after a mass communication degree.

Continue your education

Interested students can choose to continue their education after completing an undergraduate degree in mass communication. There are several postgraduate options out there in the higher education sector. The opportunities for students with a BA in mass communication are plenty and diverse and promise lucrative career prospects.

Some of the popular postgraduate options are journalism, English literature, human resource management, social work, MBA, and political science. You can also opt for diploma programmes that are in high demand such as digital marketing, public relations, hotel management, and tourism.

Start your career

Most students look for career opportunities after completing a graduate degree in mass communication. The career options in this field allow you to work with flexibility and give chances to explore the world. It is also a platform to express one’s thoughts and ideas.

Here are some of the most in-demand career roles after a BA in mass communication:

  • Journalist/Reporter

The majority of mass communication graduates opt to work in the news industry after graduation. Becoming a journalist or reporter is the most common option for journalism and mass communication students.

In this job role, you must cover major news from an area, prepare reports, and sometimes present it on live television. It requires you to do extensive research and possess good communication and interaction skills.

  • Content writer

A content writer can work for several industries and produces quality write-ups daily. You must understand the requirements of the company, do adequate research, include SEO keywords, and write interactive and informative content that attracts people.

  • Advertising specialist

Advertising specialists are responsible for developing and executing advertising campaigns for various clients. You must analyse the audience requirements and client specifications and conceptualise ideas that can be used for marketing campaigns.

Another job part of this field is a copywriter who writes ad copies and captions for such campaigns.

Besides these, other opportunities include sub-editor, proofreader, radio jockey, public relations officer, and event manager. You can choose to work in the industry that interests you.

Whatever you choose, the careers after a mass communication degree offers you flexibility like no other job and promises career growth within no time. So, enrol in a mass communication program today.

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