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The 4 Ways CBD Oil Benefits Pets

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CBD Oil Benefits Pets

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a beneficial compound harvested from plants of the cannabis family. It can benefit any animal that has cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system, so it can be helpful for pets as well as people. Dosage considerations are key.

Managing Anxiety

If your pup has a problem with separation anxiety, they may panic and

  • chew on products that will tear up their mouth
  • chew on and swallow items they cannot pass
  • destroy your belongings

To keep your pup calm when you leave them on their own, get their weight and give them a very small dose of CBD while they learn to function in their crate or in a small space in your home. Separation anxiety can be fatal to dogs, so take care to include CBD as part of your calming practice with your pup.

Fighting Joint Pain

According to cbdMD, for an older pet, a drop of CBD oil on a fatty treat, such as a high protein cat treat or a bit of peanut butter, can give relief from joint pain.

Arthritis in your pet can limit their joy in everyday activities. As your older pet begins to feel better, keep an eye on them to prevent them from overdoing it; not feeling pain doesn’t mean they still aren’t becoming more fragile over time.

Protection Against Seizures

If your pet has a seizure disorder or has started suffering from seizures as they age, you may be able to help them out with small, regular doses of CBD.

Of course, you will need to make sure that you find out the source of the seizures and address it if at all possible. However, if maintenance is your only option, especially for an older pet, CBD can reduce the fear and distress caused by seizures.

Overcoming Skin Inflammation

CBD is extremely high in antioxidants. If your dog or cat has problems with skin irritation, up to and including kitty acne, CBD can soothe the condition. You can use CBD as a topical as well as a food additive.

Look for a CBD topical with as few ingredients as possible. Don’t use edible grade CBD products on your pet; the carrier oil and flavors can be an irritant and edible grade CBD is rather expensive. For the simplest application,

  • purchase unscented, basic CBD lotion
  • use gloves
  • apply a small amount of lotion to your gloves and pet your dog or cat to disperse the lotion over their skin

You may lose some product to hair, but the majority of it will be transferred to their skin. Monitor their condition and note any changes over time.

Research on CBD is in its early stages. To keep your pet safe and healthy, talk to your vet. If they recommend trying CBD, start with very small doses and monitor your pet to see how their skin, joint pain, anxiety, and seizure disorders progress. Even if all you can offer is temporary relief, keeping an older pet happy and healthy is well worth your effort.

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