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Collective 20m, ButcherTechCrunch Unveil Series Catalyst Investment Opportunity

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Collective 20m Series Catalystbutchertechcrunch – Collective, designed to give self-employed people the technology, team, and community they want to focus on their passion, not paperwork, announced its Series A funding of 20 million dollars. General Catalyst led the round and joined thru Sound Ventures. This round brings Collective’s total funding to $28.65 million. Other notable investors: Steve Chen (Founder of YouTube), Hamish McKenzie (Founder of Substack), Aaron Levie (Founder of Box), Kevin Lin (Founder of Twitch), Sam Yam (Founder of Patreon), Shadiah Sigala (Founder of HoneyBook), Adrian Aoun (Founder of Forward), Holly Liu (founder of Kabam), Andrew Dudum (founder of Hims) and Edward Hartman (founder of LegalZoom).

Collective 20m, ButcherTechCrunch Unveil Series Catalyst

What is Collective 20m Series Catalystbutchertechcrunch?

Collective is a French startup that wants to redefine what it means to work as a freelancer in development, product design, digital marketing, data strategy, and more. The company built a platform for multiple freelancers to come together and collaborate on the same project.

What is Collective 20m Series Catalystbutchertechcrunch?

The trick is that teams remain independent freelancers. They don’t work for the same company. Instead, they work on the same project. Everyone then gets their cut-off invoice when the job remains done.

Initially backed by startup eFounders, Collective has raised an $8 million seed round led by Blossom Capital. Many business angels also invest in startups. Some freelancers who use Collective for their freelance work have also invested in Collective

Collective 20m Series Catalystbutchertechcrunch

Collective was founded in September 2020 by CEO Hooman Radfar, CTO Bugra Akcay, and CPO Ugur Kaner, serial entrepreneurs who experienced firsthand the challenges of being one. The Collective platform provides the underserved single business community with financial services tailored to meet their specific needs and access to trusted advisors to oversee accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and business formation desires.

Collective 20m Series Catalystbutchertechcrunch

Administrative tasks are a burden for 59 million self-employed workers in the U.S., taking up 30 days each year of project/client management, accounting, and job hunting. Collective is dedicated to changing this by building the first online back office platform that continues to empower, support, and joins the self-employed community.

Although “Collective serves a $1.2 trillion industry by creating the first back office platform that keeps individuals significant time and money by giving them the right tools and resources they need to succeed, We are excited to support Collective as they grow their team and build an exceptional service for the entrepreneurial community.

Collective Advertising

Collectively bought video advertising platform Oggifinogi. Web T.V. Enterprise has been in the video-on-demand advertising space since 2006, reaching more than 25 million U.K. viewers monthly. Collective says the acquisition is part of a strategy to increase ad spending by moving from broadcast video to the web.

Collective Advertising

Joe Apprendi, CEO of Collective, says, “Unlike most video networks, Web T.V.’s revenue comes largely from broadcast media budgets versus smaller digital plans. As a result, our acquisition of Web T.V. will allow us to leverage the incredible potential of video and further strengthen our rapidly expanding capabilities.”

Web T.V.’s survey of U.K. media buyers found that more than seventy per cent expect online video advertising to grow by twenty-five per cent over the next six months, the company says.

“The research also suggested that digital buyers are responding to improvements in audience measurement techniques, which have long been a stumbling block for many, as noted by eMarketer, which reported that 31 per cent of U.K. advertisers said online video ads needed better measurement.”

Collective Raises $20M Series A from General Catalyst

Collective Raises $20M Series A from General Catalyst

Niko Bonatsos, CEO of General Catalyst, said: “Collective serves the $1.2 trillion business industry by building the first back-office platform that saves individuals important time and money while providing them with the right tools and resources. Help them succeed. We are excited to support Collective as they grow their team and build an exceptional service for the entrepreneurial community.” Collective to help its goal of becoming a premier network for companies and accelerate the company’s expansion into the making and construction industries. Collective’s goal is to become a shared back office collaborator for these people, driving transformation in a dynamic economy.


Collective is the online back office platform designed for businesses from one. Collective’s technology and the team of trusted advisors give its members. The freedom to attention to what matters by taking care of the whole thing from business incorporation to bookkeeping, tax services, and access to a thriving community in an all-in-one platform. Collective wants to make running your business as seamless as a full-time job.

The company remains run by a group of serial entrepreneurs. And businesses that believe in empowering the self-employed to enjoy the same tax savings that large corporations get. It is a San Francisco-based startup backed by General Catalyst, Google’s Gradient Ventures, QED, Expa, and prominent investors. Who have funded and built iconic companies like YouTube, Twitch, Box, Hims, Instacart, Lyft, and more?

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