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 How To Use WordPress To Create A Website

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WordPress To Create A Website

Free Advice For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Open An Online Store

Free Advice For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Open An Online Store

With the rise of online shopping, switching to an online store has many advantages. But the sheer number of options for launching a website can be overwhelming. That’s why Best E-Commerce Builders 2018 offers a systematic comparison of the most top-rated website builders. We provide information based on first-hand experience with website builders to help you make the best decision for your particular needs and get your store online in no time.

Choosing An E-Commerce Site Builder

Before you get started, think about what type of website you want for your business. Do you have a specific model in mind? Essential characteristics? A theme or a designer template? What can you do without? Our reviews and analyzes pick out all the most important aspects of eCommerce website builders to make your choice as easy and relaxed as possible.

Are you looking for information on how to use WordPress to make a website? Starting a website can sound like a scary task, especially if you don’t have web development experience. But don’t worry, you are not the only one.WordPress To Create A Website

WordPress To Create A Website

We have many options to create a web page, such as free platforms and content management systems (CMS). We will also have the opportunity of creating a web page with pure programming code.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market, according to a study published by W3Tech. Its popularity occurs because it is a complete tool that works for beginners and experts in web development to create a simple website to a more complex one.

If you want to know how to use WordPress to make a web page, use the best resources, and finally publish it, we have prepared this step by step for you.WordPress To Create A Website

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website creation tool created by Mart Mullenweg and Mike Little, which had its first version (WordPress 1.0) released in January 2004.

It is a tool that grows through the community with thousands of members in the world—dedicated to managing and developing new functionalities through open source.

With more than 75 million users, the tool grows in popularity because it has excellent advantages—ease of use, quality, extensive library of plugins and extensions, SEO optimizations, and support.

What is the difference between and

It is a ubiquitous question on how to use WordPress to make a website. So many people have doubts about which one to choose when they start developing.

Indeed, when searching for WordPress in search engines, such as Google, you will find two results: and

When choosing, you may hesitate between choosing one and the other. But do not worry, we will explain what each one is and for what type of project they remain indicated so that you know how to use WordPress to make a web page.WordPress To Create A Website

At, you canister download and install WordPress software for free. But for your website, you will need to have hosting and register a custom domain. For example:

Once installed on your server, you can install themes or templates (free, paid, or developed according to your needs), install plugins, and develop other functionalities.

WordPress also works in the PHO and MySQL programming languages. And that means that all Internet providers support it.

With, you can create your website for free using the WordPress CMS. However, it will always be under the platform. That is, you will not have your custom domain. In this way, the name of your website would be, for example.

There are custom domain options, but they remain paid. However, the free plan has quite a few limitations if you want to have a professional website.

What types of websites can you create using WordPress?

WordPress is a tool that allows you to create various styles of websites, indeed meeting the necessary demand for your business.

Next, we show you what the types of websites that you can create with WordPress are:

  • Blogs;
  • E-commerce;
  • News Portals;
  • Briefcase;
  • Institutional sites;
  • Among others.

How to use WordPress to make a web page?

How to use WordPress to make a web page?

Now that you know what WordPress is, the available resources, and the types of websites you can create on the platform, let’s get to work WordPress To Create A Website

In this guide, we are going to see step by step how to use WordPress to make a website from scratch:

Find and register a domain

It is the first step and one of the most important: finding and registering a domain.

The domain allows you to have a unique identification on the web, allowing your clients to find you on the Internet. Therefore, you should take the time to choose a good domain.

Do you already have the perfect name for your domain? Cool! So now is the time to find out if it’s available and register.

For that, you can check out HostGator’s domain search and registration tool.

Choose the best hosting plan

The second most crucial step in creating your website with WordPress is choosing a space where you will host it. We call this web hosting. WordPress To Create A Website

Hosting is the place where you will host all the information and files that are part of your website; that is, this is where you will install WordPress for free.

If you have not yet chosen or have doubts about choosing the best hosting for your website, consider when choosing the quality and security of the service provider.

At HostGator, in just a few steps, you can choose one of our web hosting plans for your website and get the domain for free!

WordPress installationWordPress installation

Once you have registered your domain and have chosen a hosting plan for your website, it is time to install WordPress to start configuring your website.

Most web hosting service providers have tools to help you install WordPress.

At HostGator, we use cPanel to do the installation.WordPress To Create A Website

If you’ve never used that tool before, don’t worry! You can refer to a Beginner’s Guide to cPanel.

WordPress installation is straightforward this way. On the cPanel screen, find the Softaculous App Installer icon and click on it:

Once the WordPress installation is whole, you can start creating and customizing your website.

Choose a suitable template for your business

Now that you have WordPress installed let’s customize it and choose a template.

The template, theme or template, determines how the elements (menus, headers, footers, buttons, texts, etc.) will appear on your website. It is the visual identity of your page.

In the market, there are thousands of template options. And, when choosing one, you have to take into account whether these options meet the needs of your project.

If you find one you like, click the Download button and download it.

Access the Admin Panel (Dashboard), click on the Appearance option and install the template you downloaded in the previous step. WordPress To Create A Website

On Google, you will find other websites where you can check out more theme options. On our blog, we have an article that can help you choose the best template for your WordPress site.

Once you have connected the template, you can start making the main WordPress configurations and check what they are here.

 Create pages with WordPress

Very well! Your website is now ready to receive the first content.

WordPress has two default content types: posts and pages.

Posts are the portion of a blog and appear in reverse chronological order (most recent posts remain displayed first). Instead, the pages contain static contents, such as the information screens “About Us,” “Contact Page,” “Useful information,” etc.

There are several types of websites, including somewhere you will not find any publication in the form of a blog, only pages with static content.

Now let’s add the first static content to your website. Don’t worry if you haven’t defined your content yet, and you can edit that later.


The first object you have to do is give your page a name. Dafter, you can explore all available resources: add images, links, and more.

Gutenberg is the name of the current WordPress text editor, which brought several new resources to the platform—allowing, for example, to add embed codes, shortcodes, and others.

In this text editor, you can create the content for your page with all the information you want to transmit to the visitors.

Once you have finished creating the home page, you can go ahead and create a blog post or other pages on your website, repeating the entire process. WordPress To Create A Website

So that you know how to use more options in the screens of your publications, you can consult our post with other details about the Gutenberg text editor.

 Customize WordPress with plugins and plugins

You already have your website ready with some page ads and content created. Now, we are going to customize it through the use of plugins.

The plugins WordPress allow you to add new functionality and features to your website.

Currently, there are more than 55,000 thousand plugins available. Among them, there are free and paid. But, with so many add-ons, how do you choose one? The important thing is that you choose plugins that can optimize your website and add important functionalities for your business. You must choose well, as excessive use of these components can slow down your website.

To add them to your website, you can download them from the official WordPress page or search for them from your Admin Panel.WordPress To Create A Website.

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