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What Stays the Difference Between Health and Wellness?

Health and Wellness are often using synonymously. Avenue 360 Health and Wellness. But each has a unique definition that has evolved throughout history.

In this time, health, or the absence of disease, was closely tied to religion, with the belief that gods, demons, and supernatural powers must be conciliated in order to achieve it. Hippocrates, careful the father of modern medicine, is known for breaking from this belief system, instead of promoting the idea that health requires balance within the body. His overarching idea of health is the foundation of practical medicine, which necessitates looking at health from a holistic perspective.

The modern definition of health se by the (WHO) is the “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” With our advance understanding of how health can be achieved, it’s important to understand why wellness must also be achieved in tandem.

Health vs Wellness: Avenue 360 Health and Wellness

Health vs Wellness Avenue 360 Health and Wellness

Health refers to a state of being, from physical health to mental and social health. While a whole person or holistic health is the goal, health is often achieved by breaking down the areas that need care and taking steps to address each area, from heart health to gut health. The steps that one would take to recover either of those areas of health might start with many of the same things, such as pointing to losing weight. Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol by limiting administered foods, eating more nutrient-dense foods, prioritizing sleep, managing stress, not smoking, warning alcohol consumption, and much more.

Essentially, health is the goal, while health, on the other hand, is the dynamic process of living a healthy and satisfying life. Wellness includes the many areas of our lives that impact our health and well-being. And not just our nourishment and physical activity! At IIN, we call these zones primary food –making the food on our plate secondary – and how well we nurture ourselves with these “foods” will determine our overall wellness.

Physical Health: Avenue 360 Health and Wellness

Physical Health Avenue 360 Health and Wellness

Taking upkeep of your physical health will not only advantage your body but also your mind! By concentrating on eating. With a diet full of nourishing and colourful foods and getting enough physical activity each week. You’ll be on your way to peak bodily health.

  • Foods that advantage your physical well-being comprise:
  • Fermented foods rich in the pre-and probiotic bacterium
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy body fat, such as omega-3 fatty doses and mono- and polyunsaturated body fat
  • Protein, whether vegetable- or animal-based with limited red heart consumption
  • Whole grains and complex carbohydrates

Eating a balanced diet with minimally treated foods will set your body up for success. As well as prevent chronic illnesses in the long term. Avenue 360 Health and Wellness. Such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. These foods also foster a prosperous gut microbiome, which is the key to your resistance and mental health. The gut-brain connection plays a chief role in your mental and expressive. Well-being as over 90% of serotonin – the “feel good” hormone – is made in the gut. Lowest line? The food you eat influences every major system in your body – so fuel them well!

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