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Joseph Quinn Movies and TV Shows – Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson won audiences over with his memorable and surprisingly heartfelt performance as the dungeon master and heavy metal enthusiast falsely accused of murder. Quinn’s Eddie sadly died in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 after sacrificing himself to help the other members of The Party.

However, fans looking for more Eddie Quinn will be pleased to know that the actor has several other memorable performances as well, from a guard in Game of Thrones to Mrs.Havisham’s brother in Dickensian to Enjolras inLes Miserables. No matter how big or how small the role, he has always given his all to the part.

Postcode (2011) – 7.4

Postcode (2011) - 7.4 - Joseph Quinn Movies and TV Shows

Available on YouTube

Joseph Quinn Movies and TV Shows appears in his first onscreen role in episode one of Postcode as Tim. This CBBC series is about Jamal, a boy from Somalia who just moved to London, along with his mother who is a widow and and and younger brother. Jamal makes friends with Zac, a boy who lives in a posh house nearby.

Although Quinn only has a bit part as a classmate of Zac’s, it’s interesting seeing where he got his start. While Quinn was only a teenager when he played Tim, he still makes similar facial expressions as now playing Eddie, such as sticking his tongue out of the side of his mouth. It’s interesting to see that as early as his first role he was making the same kinds of acting decisions with his face.

Dickensian (2015-2016) – 7.6

Dickensian (2015-2016) - 7.6

Streaming on Amazon Prime

This drama series, Joseph Quinn Movies and TV Shows a cross-over of all of Charles Dickens’s novels in 19th century London is still from early on in Quinn’s career. Quinn plays Arthur Havisham, Amelia Havisham’s brother. Quinn’s Arthur Havisham is a complicated character that, although not always likable, is ultimately sympathetic.

This is surprising because Arthur is scheming with Meriwether Compeyson to get his sister Amelia’s inheritance. However, the fact that Meriweather abuses him emotionally and physically, which causes him to become an alcoholic and stricken with debt make him makes him not loveable, but sympathetic. He also has an implied tragic death, where he is implied to jump off a building.

Small Axe (2020) – 7.8

Small Axe (2020) - 7.8

Streaming on Amazon Prime

Small Axe, a mini-series covering London’s West Indian community from 1962 to 1982, is the most recent project Quinn did before Stranger Things. Quinn played PC Dixon in the episode “Mangrove.”

Quinn’s PC Dixon is very different than his more well-known roles. Many of Quinn’s characters are sympathetic rebels or, if they aren’t then the audience at least feels sorry for them, whereas PC Dixon is completely unlikeable and unsympathetic. PC Dixon is a racist police officer who raids the Mangrove Cafe repeatedly. This shows Quinn’s range that he can play such a completely unlikeable person.

Les Misérables (2018-2019) – 7.8

Les Misérables (2018-2019) - 7.8

Streaming on Amazon Prime

Quinn played another heroic character before he played Eddie Munson, Enjolras in the recent mini-series adaptation of Les Misérables, which also features Olivia Colman, David Oyelowo, and Dominic West.

Like Eddie Munson, Quinn’s Enjolras is a kind-hearted rebel being the leader of the Friends of the ABC. While both Enjolras and Eddie have heroic actions, Enjolras is already confident in his abilities in the real world whereas Eddie is far less optimistic than he seems. Both of Quinn’s characters are very charismatic, however; like Eddie with the Hell Fire Club, Enjolras is good at getting people to join his group.

Kin (2017) – 7.9

Kin (2017) - 7.9

Available on YouTube

Quinn stars in this short film as Jamie, a troubled young man who wants custody of his little brother. Quinn’s Jamie is hard-edged but still sympathetic. While he doesn’t have the best living situation, his heart is still in the right place wanting to care for his brother.

He also is struggling with grief for his deceased mother, which contributes to his troubled attitude. He cares deeply about his brother’s well-being and is upset when he comes back to his apartment because it could get him in trouble.

C.B. Strike (2017-) – 7.9

C.B. Strike

Streaming on Hulu

Quinn plays another troubled but good-hearted character in the C.B. Strike episode “Lethal White” – Billy Knight, a young man who witnessed a murder as a child. C.B. Strike is based on the novels by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

Quinn’s Billy Knight is a role like Eddie Munson and Jamie in Kin, where he has a troubled background but has hidden depths. In this case, Billy Knight wants to do right by reporting the murder. Also, like Eddie Munson, he has hidden talents. Whereas Eddie was good at playing the electric guitar, Billy is talented at woodcarving. This is just one more example of a similar role to Eddie he played before getting the part.

The Hoist (2018) – 8.3

The Hoist (2018) - 8.3 Joseph Quinn Movies and TV Shows

Available on YouTube

This is another short film Quinn did, this time as a secondary character. He plays Hash, a quirky man with whom two friends make a drug deal. The film also features Callum Woodhouse, who stars as Tristan in the current series of All Creatures Great and Small.

While Quinn plays a small part in this short, he still stands out. He does well with animated facial expressions and odd touches. In one memorable instance, Quinn as Hash does an odd little skipping run with his umbrella after the drug deal happens. In a way, Quinn’s role in this has a lot in common with his first onscreen role since in both cases he doesn’t say much, but is still giving his all.

National Theatre Live: Mosquitoes (2017) – 8.3

National Theatre Live Mosquitoes

Streaming on National Theatre at Home

Quinn not only acts on screen but on stage as well. Mosquitoes, a play he did at the National Theatre, was filmed for streaming. Quinn played Luke, a depressed autistic teenage boy whose father walked out on him and his mom.

Luke was another example of the troubled character Quinn often plays. In this case, in addition to the depression he has from his father’s disappearance, he is also very disapproving of his mother’s work and how it could affect the environment. Another aspect of Luke’s concern is his crush on his classmate Natalie, who he regards as one of his top priorities.

Stranger Things (2016-) – 8.7

Stranger Things - Joseph Quinn Movies and TV Shows

Streaming on Netflix

Eddie Munson is by far one of Quinn’s most recognized and memorable characters, Eddie became so popular there is even a petition to bring him back for season 5, despite being killed off.

Eddie has a rough exterior, being the leader of the misunderstood Hell Fire Club, and a drug dealer among other things – but he has a very good heart and cares deeply about his friends. Even though he only appeared in one season of Stranger Things he had a very strong story arc from being a seemingly intimidating outcast, to being framed for murder, to sacrificing himself for Dustin and the others.

Game of Thrones (2011-2019) – 9.2

Game of Thrones

Streaming on HBO

Game of Thrones is the other big franchise Quinn has been in. He plays Koner, a guard at the gate of Winterfell in the episode “The Spoils of War.”

While Quinn’s other big franchise Stranger Things had him playing a major character, Game of Thrones had him playing a minor side character appearing in only one scene. The character he plays is fairly unsympathetic as well, being a guard who underestimated and laughed at Arya Stark. Despite being a minor role it is interesting to see Quinn in another big franchise.


The J.J. Abrams movie is one of Quinn’s few film appearances. He plays the small part of Grunauer. The World War II set film follows American soldiers who are dropped behindhand enemy lines the day before D-Day.

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