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Netflix Error UI-800-3 | How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

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Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Occasionally there is a problem with the data in the Netflix app. [Netflix Error Code UI-800-3]. If Netflix fails, you may see a message on your screen that says: “Netflix has encountered an error. Please try again in X seconds. Code: UI-800-3”. Some general things you can try to resolve the Netflix UI-800-3 code error include turning off your device, clearing the Netflix app cache data, and reinstalling Netflix.[Netflix Error Code UI-800-3]

Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

If you realize the error code UI-800-3 (205040), it usually means that the information stored on your device needs to remain refreshed. Monitor the troubleshooting steps for your device below to resolve the issue.

[Amazon Fire TV / Stick]

[Blu-ray player]

[Playstation 3]

[Playstation 4]

[Playstation 5]


[Set-top box or streaming media player]

[Smart tv]

[Xbox 360]

[Xbox one]

[Xbox Series X / S]

All other devices

What is causing the Netflix UI-800-3 error?

What is causing the Netflix UI-800-3 error?

The Netflix error code UI-800-3 usually indicates a problem with the Netflix application on the device. For example, the cached data stored by the application might remain corrupted. These problems can generally remain solved by updating the information stored on your device.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Follow these steps in the instruction presented until Netflix is ​​working correctly:

1.Restart the streaming device

In some cases, troubleshooting error code UI-800-3 is as easy as turning your streaming device off and on. The device shuts down completely and then disconnects from the network. You may need to unplug it for a while, sometimes up to a minute, for this to work. [Netflix Error Code UI-800-3]

2.Sign out of Netflix.

Sometimes, simply logging out of Netflix and logging back in is enough to update your data and correct this error. You can finish the website if you are having trouble logging out of Netflix on your device. Go to your Netflix account page and select Sign out of all devices.

3. Clear the cache or data of the Netflix application.

Some streaming devices allow you to delete locally stored data without uninstalling the Netflix app. For example, you can be flawless the cache on your Fire TV device through System Preferences.

Suppose the Netflix application does not have an option to clear the cache or clear local data. In that case, you resolve the need to uninstall and reinstall the application. [Netflix Error Code UI-800-3]

4 Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix application.

It is also necessary in cases where clearing the cache does not solve the problem. [Netflix Error Code UI-800-3]

5.Restart the Manoeuvre.

Arrange otherwise. Your Fire TV or resetting your Roku will return the Netflix app to the state it was in when it first downloaded. If you have a Samsung TV, you may need to reset your Samsung Smart Hub to correct the error code UI-800-3.

6. Restart your home network.

Unplug or turn off your streaming device, then unplug your modem and router and turn them back on.

7. Check the DNS settings of your streaming device.

Follow the link below for step-by-step instructions. Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

8. Check out the Netflix Help Center.

Visit the official Netflix support website for detailed instructions on fixing Netflix error UI-800-3 on specific devices. [Netflix Error Code UI-800-3]


The Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 error code remains expected if you are an Outlook user and use Outlook to manage multiple email clients. Outlook error [pii_email_8d527d394345cf85ee4b] This error is hindering your ability to use the software. This article will help you better understand why this error occurs.

By following the steps above, you will remain able to resolve the error code in no time. We recommend following the order of the methods. If one method doesn’t work, you’ll need to move on to the next. Some ways can cause irreversible changes, e.g., B. the loss of passwords and other stored data. In this case, warnings remain issued. [Netflix Error Code UI-800-3]

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