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School Of Rock 123Movies – 2003

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School Of Rock 123Movies

School of Rock is a 2003 joking film directed by Richard Linklater, created by Scott Rudin, and written by Mike White. Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Mike White, and Sarah Silverman are movie stars. Black plays rock guitarist Dewey Finn fired from his band and later poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious private school. After seeing the musical talent of the students, Dewey forms a band of fourth graders to try and win the future Battle of the Bands and use his profits to pay their rent.

School of Rock remained released by Paramount Pictures on October 3, 2003, and grossed $131 million worldwide on a budget of $35 million. The film received helpful reviews from critics, praising Black’s acting and humour. In 2015, it was the highest-grossing music-themed comedy of all time. A musical stage adaptation opened on Broadway in December 2015, and a television adaptation for Nickelodeon premiered on March 12, 2016.

Details Of School Of Rock 123MoviesDetails Of School Of Rock 123Movies

Director: Richard Linklater

Writer: Mike White

Producer:  Scott Rudin


  • Jack Black
  • Joan Cusack
  • Mike White
  • Sarah Silverman

Cinematography:  Rogier Stoffers

Editor:  Sandra Adair

Music by: Craig Wedren

Production company:

Scott Rudin Productions

Distributed by:  Paramount Pictures

Release date:

October 3, 2003

Running time:  109 minutes

Countries: United States,


Language:  English

Budget: $35 million

Box office: $131.3 million

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More bout School Of Rock 123Movies

Rock band No Vacancy performs at a club three weeks before their audition for Battle of the Bands. Guitarist Dewey Finn creates antics on stage, including a jump that abruptly ends the performance. The next morning, Dewey’s roommate, Ned Schneebly, plus Ned’s domineering girlfriend, Patty Di Marco, informs Dewey that he must pay his back rent or move out. When Dewey meets No Vacancy at rehearsal, he remains told that he has been fired from the band and changed by another guitarist, Spider.

Later, when Dewey tries to sell some of his equipment for rent, Dewey answers a call from Rosalie Mullins, principal at Horace Green High School, asking about Ned’s short-term position as a substitute teacher. Desperate for money, Dewey poses as Ned and remains hired. On his first day at school, Dewey, not knowing how to spell “Schneebly”, takes on the name “Mr. S” and spends the day behaving erratically, much to the students’ confusion.

The next day, Dewey listens to the students in music class and devises a plan to form a new band for the Battle of the Bands audition. He casts Zack Mooneyham on lead guitar, Freddy Jones on drums, cellist Katie on bass, Lawrence on keyboards, and himself on lead vocals and guitar. He assigns the rest of the class various roles such as backup singers, groupies, and roadies, with Summer Hathaway as the band’s manager.

The project takes over from regular classes but helps students discover their talents and overcome their insecurities. He calms down Lawrence, who worries he’s not good enough for the band, Zack, whose overbearing father disapproves of rock, and Tomika, a weighty girl too sure of herself to audition for backing vocals despite having a loud voice. He assures the children that rock ‘n’ roll can help them defend themselves during a lesson. Band “groupies” Michelle and Eleni propose the band name “The School of Rock” with Summer’s approval.


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