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Swarovski Takes Guess Watches to New Level

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If you are a fanatical fashionista, you probably know a lot about the Guess brand already. Guess is a well-known fashion apparel brand that is more upscale due to its luxury brand image, to those who are new to fashion. The good news is that the American brand is now offering timepieces for your wrist that incorporate sparkly Swarovski crystals as well.

Who Makes These Timepieces?

Sequel AG is a company founded by the Timex Group Corp. that has been manufacturing the Guess watches for the Guess company since 2007. The American fashion label diversified its products to include these watches because of its image as a popular merchant of quality luxury apparel.

The most recent partnership that Guess entered into is Swarovski, which is well known for its high-end image. Together, these two brands made and are still making the Guess Swarovski Crystal Watches to sell to the public.

Why Use Crystals?

It’s pretty straightforward, actually – Guess wanted to infuse its brand with something valuable to increase the marketability of its watches. And what better way is there but to add tiny shiny Swarovski crystals to the design? Anyone who likes lovely sparkly stuff may find themselves attracted to this kind of watch collection from the American fashion brand.

Crystals also make these watches a great investment because of the potential resale value. Yes, there are indeed people who would collect pre-owned Guess Watches with Swarovski Crystals. As long as the watches are in pristine condition and are genuine watches under the Guess and Swarovski brands, there is a market for them in the future.

Examples of Guess Watches with Swarovski Crystals

One ladies’ watch that you may want to examine more closely is Guess’s Black Case Black Ceramic Watch. The watch case is made out of deep black ceramic, just like its bracelet. Guess set in place Swarovski crystals on the case and dial for more impact. Though this is a luxury watch model, the watch can be submerged in water to a depth of 50 meters.

The colour counterpart of the Black Case Black Ceramic Watch is the White Case White Ceramic Watch which is a ladies’ watch sold under the Guess Swarovski Crystal Watches collection. Like the black version, this watch’s case and bracelet are made of sturdy ceramic. And there is a profusion of Swarovski crystals distributed on the case and dial. Eye-catching.

As a departure from the ceramic theme, you can also examine the Guess Silver Tone Case Silver Tone Stainless Steel Watch features. This ladies’ watch is so shiny due to the predominant use of stainless steel for the case and bracelet. But the case and dial only have a few Swarovski crystals to accentuate the floral design on the face, which imparts understated elegance.

Now for the men’s collection named the Gc collection. There are three men’s watches in this collection called the Gold Tone Case Black Silicone Watch, the Gold Tone Case Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch, and the Silver Tone Case Silver Tone Stainless Steel Watch. You are probably curious as to how these men’s watches stand out as luxury watches.

The Gold Tone Case Black Silicone Watch does have, as its name describes, a gold-tone case with 220 Swarovski crystals fixed on the metal for maximum sparkle. As a sharp departure from the gold-tone theme, the strap is made of pure black silicone.

The Gold Tone Case Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch, on the other hand, derives its name from the gold-tone of both the case and the bracelet. Yes, there are also Swarovski crystals on this one – 270 of them. This is the kind of watch that men would wear during an evening at a fancy dinner party to match an understated tuxedo and gold cufflinks.

Last on the list of men’s watches for this collection is the Silver Tone Case Silver Tone Stainless Steel Watch. Yes, it’s similar to the Gold Tone Case Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch because the metal bracelet and case are both manufactured out of stainless steel – but the silver-tone makes a big difference. It has 276 Swarovski crystals. This too could be your ideal dress watch for a formal evening party though it can also match casual clothes for a backyard barbecue on the weekend.


If you are moving up in the world and your disposable income is significant enough, you can start collecting luxury watches for yourself. You can also buy these Guess Watches with Swarovski Crystals for a loved one, a close friend, or even for your children. As long as you buy genuine Guess watches with Swarovski Crystals, you know that these are investments for relationships that you hold dear to your heart. They are meant to last for a lifetime.

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