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Understanding The Maine Coon Cat Breed

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 Maine Coon Cat Breed

Keeping pets at home has a way of creating an exciting environment. Cats are a great addition to a home as they can serve as a companion to members of a family. You will find that they have a way of entertaining the owner, especially when they are in good health.

One cat breed that is family-Oriente is the Maine coon cat breed. It is renown for its affectionate nature towards family members which endears it to many people. The Maine coon cat breed is an American breed and is a big kitty with big, fluffy tails. History has it that this breed produce by bobcats cross-breeding with domestic cats.

Although some people believe the breed might have been the offshoot of Queen Marie Antoinette’s longhaired cats, the outstanding thing about Maine coon is its devotion to the family. It savors spending time with everyone in the home once it has passed the familiarization stage. It can also participate in physical activities that happen at home.

Maine coon

Maine coon is recognized globally as the largest domestic cat breed and has gotten the honor of being the gentle giant amongst other cat breeds. The female breed weighs about 10-15 pounds and stands at about 8 to 15 inches tall with a length of 40 inches. The male breed is 40 -50 inches in length, weighs about 15 to 25 pounds with 10 to 16 inches in height. Generally, they come in different colors which include white, black, blue parti-color, tortoiseshell, and cream color

If you are looking to add this cat breed to your home, you can easily check animal stores around you. Also, for recommendations on reputable stores to buy the Maine coon cat breed from, you can visit Holistapet for assistance.

This article will discuss some of the features of the Maine coon cat breed as well as some tips to help you keep it in good health.

The Features of Maine Coon Cat Breeds

The following are some features of this breed:


One unique attribute of this breed is the love for family members. They are very social to members of a household. Following people around or supervising their routines is one activity they love to indulge in as they love to show interest in people’s work.


The Maine coon breed is always active as it loves to bounce around. This action keeps rodents or rats away from the home because they have perfect mousing skills.  A Maine cat is always ready to bounce and grab things that are nearby. All of these keep them busy and energetic too.


Although they love to spend time with people, they are not needy. These long-tailed feline don’t bug others if they are not ready to play with them. If members of the home do not let them in anywhere, they remain out or sit in the doorway. This simply means they do not lap cats. Having adequate knowledge of this breed helps you to live freely with it. If you need more information about the Maine coon, you can check here:

Easy Adaptation

This cat adapts to new lifestyles easily. This explains why they get along with children and other pets. Making new friends is very easy for them because they can easily adapt to the changes that come with meeting new people or things.

How to Care For Maine Coon Cat Breeds


As one of the largest cat breeds around, they need to be kept healthy to function properly. This is why their nutrition is very important. These cats need a good measure of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and fresh water in their diets. These combinations of foods will help them grow in both weight and size as they are supposed to.


The beauty of these animals’ long hair needs to be sustained for long, luscious, and excellent fur. This means that you need to take care of them regularly. You need to brush the hair at least once a week to keep the fur from tangling or matting. Additionally, to keep their claws in good condition, you may need to get scratching trees or posts for them.


This breed has issues with obesity. If they are left to laze around all day, they become overweight. So, it is ideal to let them out for exercise at least once daily. Leaving them outdoors regularly will be great since they will be confronted with different ways of exercising their body.


You need to keep their litter tray clean and in a hygienic condition if you want your cat to find it easy to poop. The litter tray needs to be cleaned daily because the earlier it is cleaned the better for your pet’s health. If you wouldn’t be around all the time to help out, then get a self-cleaning litter tray.


This breed is a social animal and all it wants is to spend time with people. You need to create this opportunity for it. If you do not want withdrawal issues or mental health issues for your pet due to lack of contact with people, then allow it to socialize.

These are some tips to help you understand the Maine coon cat breed. If you also wish to check out other breeds, you can read this article for assistance.


Keeping a cat at home can just be the companion you need. Having one at home does not just make the home lively but also helps rid the home of unwanted rodents and rats. The Maine coon remains wired to secure the home and aid in keeping it as clean as possible. You can go ahead and add it as a member of your household to enjoy the benefits attached.