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12 Great Tips To Always Achieve A Perfect Eyeliner

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Perfect Eyeliner – Although eyeliner is probably one of the first makeup products you’ve ever bought, it is still, after all these years, one of the hardest to apply because unlike intuitive products like blush or foundation, eyeliner can go very wrong fast. With that said, some game-changing hacks in the beauty community will help you apply eyeliner like a pro, and they’re pretty easy to master.

Here are 12 tips and tricks to perfect your eyeliner every time:

How to apply eyeliner with precise lines

The Fix: If your eyeliner looks thick and smudged, it might be time to sharpen your pencil quickly, regardless of how carefully you apply it. By lining your eyes with a flat-tipped pencil, you create rough, uneven lines, so always carry a pencil sharpener in your makeup bag.

How to apply non-transferring eyeliner

The problem: your eyeliner transfers to your lids, leaving a “stamp” of pigment.

The fix is annoying and common, especially if you have smaller lids and oily skin. Try increasing the height of the eyeliner so that the line is still visible when you open your eyes. That way, when the eyelid is folded open, the eyeliner will stay in place.

How to apply coloured eyeliner

The problem: You’re sick of the classic black eyeliner but haven’t fully figured out how to use coloured eyeliner. The Fix: Keep it simple and accentuate your upper or lower lash line with a thin line of colour rather than a whole, super-intense block.

How to apply cat eyeliner so that it is the same on both sides

The problem: your lines are not uniform.

The fix: Instead of starting with a thick line, apply the liner as thin as possible. If it ends up being thicker on one side, it’s easier to build one side to match, but if both lines end up too thick, make them thinner with a cotton swab. Perfect Eyeliner

How to apply non-smudging eyeliner

The problem: You cover your lower eyelid with a liquid liner and find that it smudges easily.

The Fix: Swap your formula for waterproof eyeliner to prevent your liquid eyeliner from smearing and transferring. Next, cover your eyeliner with black eyeshadow to set it in place, finishing with a sweep of translucent powder.

How to apply eyeliner with curly lashes

The problem: you smudge your eyeliner when you curl your lashes.

The solution: continuously curl your lashes before applying eyeliner to avoid smudging.

How to apply eyeliner without leaving gaps

The problem: You are lining your eyes at the wrong angle, resulting in unfilled gaps.

The Fix: Sometimes, getting close enough to the base of your lashes is tough. Avoid an awkward space between the lashes and the liner by slightly pulling up the lower half of the upper eyelid while coating the lashes. It gives you access anywhere on your lashes that still needs a little love.

How to apply cat eyeliner

The problem: your eyeliner is too thick on one side.

The Solution: Save yourself a little time and a lot of frustration in the morning by using the angle of your lower lash line as a guide for your cat liner. Next, put a dot on the outer corner of each eye before using your liquid liner to make sure the sides match up.

How to apply eyeliner that looks professional

The problem: You strip the eyelid before you draw the line, but the liner doesn’t look sharp or precise when you release the skin.

The Fix: Instead of pulling the skin. Try looking to the side so if you are outlining the inner corner of your eye. Look towards the outer corner to tighten your lids without any tugging.

How to altogether remove eyeliner

The problem: Traces of the eyeliner from the night before are still on your lids.

The Fix: Completely removing makeup at night is critical, as the leftover product can interfere with your eyeliner the following day. Remove any residue with an oil-based makeup remover before applying a new Perfect Eyeliner to ensure you start with a blank canvas.

How to apply eyeliner to small eyes

The problem: eyeliner can make your little eyes look smaller, which some people may not prefer.

The Fix: If you have minor eyes, you’ll want to avoid lining all your eyes. As doing so can close them and make them look even smaller. Instead, keep your eyeliner contained in the outer corners of your eyes.

How to apply eyeliner without looking like smoky eyes

The problem: your smoky eyeliner makes it look like you have dark circles.

The solution is to line your eye as close to the lash line as possible and then use a brush with little product, so you don’t blend too far below the eye.

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