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Are Broiler Eggs Good For Your Health or Not?

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Are Broiler Eggs Good For Your Health or Not?

Are Broiler Eggs Good For Your Health or Not

Eggs suddenly have become the most eatable item. Eggs are the main source of poultry products, and poultry products play a vary essential role in human consumption. The use of eggs has been in practice for ages, and nowadays it is the main part of the day-to-day diet. Apart from its usage in breakfast, it is an important product in international trading.

And the eggs trading industry mostly revolves around chicken eggs production of broiler eggs. In fact, due to the high consumption of eggs across the world, the egg industry gets converted into the global food industry. Are Broiler Eggs Good For Your Health or Not? Broiler eggs are eggs fetches from chickens that are specifically raised for meat.

Benefits of Eggs

Whether eggs are prepared in the form of an omelette, or boiled, or poached, all forms include essential nutrients that are crucial in making the body fit. Mix with other ingredients to give it a tasty and versatile look.

A highly suggested product by doctors as it has a high content of good protein, and is a cheap source. For healthy people, eggs are the source to make them healthier.

Make sure to add eggs to your diet as it greatly improves eye and brain health, protects skin from harmful radiations, and the list goes on.

1. Offers healthy growth

Eggs, a platter of high-quality proteins along with required amino acids, need to build strong tissues in the body’s organs. Additionally, eggs also play a vital role in the biochemical function of the system, thus enabling the proper growth of cells in the body.

2. Improves heart health

Eggs include a high content of good HDL cholesterol and omega 3 fatty acids and include only a few traces of bad LDL cholesterol and harmful triglycerides. So, this property greatly improves heart function and lowers the risk of getting various heart diseases.

3. Improves immune activity

Yes, you heard it right! Eggs have a good quantity of vitamin B12 and selenium in them that helps in creating a strong defense mechanism in the body. Selenium has the power to eradicate harmful radicals from the body. If your immune system gets strong you are away from various infections like flu, cold, etc.

Are broiler eggs healthy?

Are Broiler Eggs Good For Your Health or Not

Not all types of eggs are healthy for an individual, especially broiler eggs. Broiler eggs come from broiler chickens who feed several other harmful chemicals along with their eggs. If you are in a habit of eating broiler eggs or broiler chickens then you are affecting your health.

You might be wondering why broiler eggs are not healthier for health? Several reasons regarding this will leave you awestruck. Let’s ponder upon them.

  • Firstly, raising broilers is done specifically to attain a huge number of meat in no time, and mainly focuses on converting a chick into chicken only in a few weeks. During this procedure, chicks are fed with harmful chemicals, poorly ventilated areas, and antibiotic injections to enhance their growth.
  • And the eggs that come from these hens also get harmful chemicals and antibiotics. Hens are caged and are not allowed to roam here and there. This torture leads to serious effects on hens, ultimately, resulting in bad effects on eggs also.
  • Dioxins, a hormone damaging chemical, are found in high quantities in broiler eggs. The chemical can cause serious health problems like nervous disorders, sometimes miscarriage, etc.

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