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Beauty Water Case Caudalie Glowing Facial Treatment

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Caudalie Glowing Facial Treatment

Composition Of The New Caudalie Water Beauty Case With The Glowing Facial Treatment Trio

Beauty Water 100 mL:

Basically, This beauty-revealing mist is the talisman of stars and professional makeup artists for its beautiful effects.

It closes pores, has smooth features and adds immediate radiance!

Cleansing Foam 50 mL:

This crystalline lotion transforms into a light foam for gentle cleansing.

Without soap, it respects the skin’s natural balance, which regains luminosity, softness, and comfort.

Instant Detoxifying Mask 15 mL:

And also, this mask cleanses impurities and excess sebum from the skin, closing the pores and leaving a fresh complexion.

Benefits of the use of Caudalie beauty water 100 ml. Of the immediate glow chest of Caudalie

Smooth out the features

Minimize pores

Sets makeup

Immediate glow

That is to say, Beauty Water is one of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s fetish treatments. This sublime English actress and top model have thus naturally become the official ambassador of this mythical treatment.

Beauty Water is a product that is used at any time of the day to refresh yourself. Also, Shake, close your eyes, spray and breathe deeply.

Active Ingredients Present In Caudalie Beauty Water

Rose and Myrrh: Invigorating

Rosemary: Energizing

Melissa and Mint: Stimulants

Grape: Hydration and radiance

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Advice And Recommendations For The Use Of Beauty Water Big Caudalie Container

As a tonic in the morning, while drinking lemon juice mixed with warm water.

Ideal to moisten any sponge for the face, especially the beauty blender sponges just after the makeup base, to fix the makeup for hours.

Spray on the neckline or neck to calm the senses and refresh instantly.

However, at any time of the day, to close the pores and provide new energy.

In the height of summer, store in the refrigerator so that it becomes a refreshing pocket mist.

Spray on the pillow to accompany the sweetest nights.

By plane, rehydrate the epidermis with a lack of water.

In the office, to de-stress.

After a sports session, to smooth out the features.

Vaporize in the environment to create an ideal atmosphere for meditation.

Therefore, at night, after makeup removal, to effectively purify the skin.

How should I apply the Caudalie beauty water 100 ml? How to use

Shake before using.

Evade the eyes.

Therefore, Spray going on the face beforehand the day cream and at any time of the day to refresh and set the makeup.

Composition Beauty Case Gift Caudalie Trio Facial Glow With Beauty Water, Cleansing Mousse, And Detox Mask

Beauty elixir :

Moreover, aqua/water / Eau, alcohol *, citrus Aurantium Amara (bitter orange) flower water *, parfum (fragrance) *, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil *, potassium alum, glyceriperin * (potassium alum, glyceriperin *) *, Commiphora myrrha resin extract *, styrax tonkinensis resin extract *, Melissa officinalis (balm mint) leaf oil *, Citrus Aurantium Amara (bitter orange) flower oil *, Rosa Damascena flower vinuit *, viewer oil *, extra Damascena flower) oil * tocopherol *, benzyl benzoate *, citral *, citronellol *, geraniol *, farnesol *, limonene *, linalool * (010/035) * origine végétale – plant origin

Foaming cleanser :

aqua / water / eau, glycerin *, sodium cocoyl glutamate *, caprylyl / capryl glucoside *, cocamidopropyl betainamide mea chloride *, salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract *, chamomlow (extract extract), chamidopropyl (village) rec. Grape) fruit extract *, coco-betaine *, caprylyl glycol, parfum (fragrance), sodium cocoyl isethionate *, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate *, sodium phytate *, butylene glycol, sodium sodium sodium chlotion, sodium sodium acidol, sodium chassion, sodium sodricplotion citronellol, linalool * origine végétale / plant origin

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