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The Best Haircuts For Women In Your 40s And 50s

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 Best Haircuts For Women 
The trends of the moment and your face shape, style, and personality are the factors that determine your ideal haircut, regardless of age. However, as we change the decade the quality and condition of the hair are transformed and we need a well-aging cut capable of giving it life and natural shine. We analyze the cuts of the ‘celebs’ of the moment that will serve as inspiration when you go to the hairdresser. They are irresistible! Best Haircuts For Women

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Are there haircuts that feel better at a certain age? Yes, although with nuances. It is clear that to find the ideal cut, hairdressers look at the shape of the face and the style. Later, as we get older, hair ages become gray and become thick and unruly. Our mindset also evolves. “Yes, today’s teenage girls want ‘long hair’ and have a real dread of short hair.

Best Haircuts For Women

At this stage, all efforts are aimed at caring for and nourishing that long hair and trying to dissuade them from wearing it in a ‘virgin cloak’ type block that does not favor anything”, explains hairdresser Diana Daureo, owner of the salon that bears her name. And he adds “from 25 there is a change. When they enter the labor market they already begin to be guided by a hairdresser to have a more careful cut and to give some light with the coloring”.
As for the wellbeing cuts that are a trend, the hairdresser Eduardo Sánchez from Maison Eduardo Sánchez has it clear “from a certain age, midi manes, bob cuts, bobs, or in their longer version, lob, are excellent alternatives. Best Haircuts For Women

Pixie and unstructured cuts are very rejuvenating because they bring lightness, freshness, and naturalness. And of course, playing with a fringe is the easiest way to shake years off. The problem is that they are not suitable for everyone:

if you have swirled in your hairline or frizzy hair, I do not recommend them because it is difficult to maintain. They look especially good on oval and angular faces as they help reduce the dimensions of the face. Color is also a great well aging ally. Light tones soften expression lines and features; instead, the dark ones highlight and harden them”.

The 1930S: Hair Begins To Age

The 1930S: Hair Begins To Age

The concern about hair care is beginning to be greater, but it is still time to take a risk and experiment with the trends of the moment: short, pixies, bob, long bobs and bangs are all its variants. “In this age group there is more assiduity to visits to the hairdresser, and not only for the color. They begin to do treatments to keep it alive, healthy, strong, and beautiful. The risk with weathered half hair adapted to each face shape”, explains Diana Daureo.

The 1940S: Hair Obsession

The 1940S: Hair Obsession

As the decade of the 40s progresses, “women bet on maintaining long hair and midi cuts, accompanied by bangs to rejuvenate themselves. Regarding tones, chestnut, honey, and hazelnut triumph, because they seek maximum discretion. Tone-on-tone techniques prevail; Although those who like blonde are in luck because it is a color that gives a lot of light and favors any age “, says Eduardo Sánchez. It is also the decade of treatments. “The detox, moisturizing, and coloring rituals are the most requested,” clarifies Daureo.

The 1950S: ‘Lifting’ Cuts

The 1950S: 'Lifting' Cuts

In general, after 50, many women start to wear their hair shorter, at the shoulder level at most. The main reason is that hair, like skin, also ages, thins and weakens, and an extra-long, poor-looking mane is not the best of companions, ” says Sánchez.

Although more and more women over 50 are wearing long, Very well-groomed furs that look great on round faces. For Diana Daureo ” the haircut depends more on the state of the hair than on the age. Midi and pixies are ideal when the hair is badly damaged and cannot support extreme lengths. ”
And now take note of our selection of the cuts that will triumph this summer and that look best at 30, 40, and 50. File yours and ask your hairdresser!
A long garçon that provides a plus of character, strength, and personality. It’s a versatile cut because the longer layers frame the face and allow for various styling options. ” It looks good if you have an oval or square face. If your hair is fine and you don’t have much of it, it is the best option to get the most out of it. On the other hand, I do not recommend it on wavy, curly or long hair as it would not be practical “, explains Eduardo Sánchez.

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