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Best Handwriting in the World

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Best Handwriting in the World

Handwriting is an essential skill for everyone, but that does not mean that everyone has beautiful handwriting in the World. However, here you will find the best handwriting in the World.

Handwriting is a sign of identity. Two people can’t have the same handwriting even if they are incredibly similar. It is why handwriting is so important. It is necessary, and everyone has handwriting if they know how to write. However, it does not mean that everyone has beautiful handwriting. Only a very select few possess the most beautiful handwriting in the World. In this article, you will learn the Best Handwriting in the World.

Due to the internet, which has destroyed all international barriers, locating the Most Beautiful Handwriting in the World is relatively more straightforward. There was no such problem in the past when local boundaries existed and discovering someone with the best handwriting in the World was a much more significant challenge. The script is crucial for school life and our everyday lives, as we spend more than a decade in school learning how to write well.

Who Consumes The Best Handwriting in The World?

Who Consumes The Best Handwriting in The World?

Prakriti Malla, a student of 8th standard, has the World’s most beautiful handwriting. This Nepali girl was unaware of the limelight until her writing became popular on social media accounts. The single page written by the girl remained circulated throughout the World. On that page, she has beautifully written that “Handwriting is an essential skill both for children & adults. It remains the primary tool of communication & assessing knowledge for students in the classroom even in this modern age of technology”.

It’s the virality & popularity of social media that make good things instantly reach almost everyone. Her excellent handwriting makes a tremendous impact on each n every reader. From small kids to teenagers, parents & even elder ones want to see glimpses of the beautiful script of Malla.  She writes like a designer font on the computer. She has introduced calligraphy (the art of good writing) to a new level.

The girl was a student of 8th B in Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, which remains located in Nepal. Thousands of people have shared her pieces of work that took widespread popularity through the means of Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit accounts.

Hereafter, she also received an award for her fantastic handwriting by the Government of Nepal & Armed Forces. Her superb writing got viral on social media, which amazed her & her parents and her relatives.

People suggested that Microsoft adopt her excellent writing as an official font in their products & MS Word. Nepal Gov. has also recognized her signature as the most beautiful one throughout the globe. She is an inspiration to all those children who are continually trying to improve their handwriting. We also hope that all the doctors & medical practitioners would also get encouraged/ inspired by seeing her fantastic writing. Everyone is pleased to see the beautiful handwriting of this Nepalese year eight girl. It can attract anyone.

Best Handwriting in the World – FAQs

Name the person who has the Best Handwriting in the World?

Prakriti Malla takes the best handwriting in the World.

When was the Best [Handwriting in the World identified?

In 2017 Prakriti Malla has identified as the best handwriting in the World

What Country has the Best Writing in the World?

Since Prakriti hails from Nepal, Nepal has one of the best handwriting in the World.

What are some of the Best Scripts for Handwriting?

Textura script – Middle Age script from the 12th-16th centuries. They are also known as Gothic Handwriting or Black Letter Handwriting.