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Does the bioimis diet work? here are some testimonials

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The Bioimis diet, created in Italy, home of healthy nutrition, seems to be the latest fad in terms of diets. Similarly, Suffice it to say that today the customers of the Bioimis Nutritional Academy exceed 35,000 in Italy alone.

Italy is not the only territory where it is possible to undertake this type of path. The great success has prompted the Bioimis Nutritional Academy to open in 12 countries worldwide. Including ours in a few months!

Reviews of the Bioimis Diet

The Bioimis method is supported by over 35,000 customers and celebrities from both the world of TV and science. In the past, Italian footballer Luca Toni and scientific popularizer Alessandro Cecchi Paone collaborated with Bioimis, the latter wrote the well-known book “Health comes from eating” together with the founder of the Nutritional  Academy Roberto Zorzo.

The most famous testimonials, however, come from the customers who have followed the path. A quick online search both on the Italian diet site and in many independent blogs has brought to light thousands of positive testimonials from customers who, thanks to the Bioimis diet, have lost an average of 4 -10 kg per month.

Aren’t thousands of testimonials and reviews on the Bioimis diet enough yet to convince you how good the method revolutionizing the world of diets is? Well, in this case, on the website there is a research area where there are 25 scientific studies published in international journals and studies carried out by independent universities. Which present the effectiveness of the Bioimis diet in weight loss and its health safety.

In a historical moment in which online users are bombarded by fake news and it is complicated. Especially for the less skilled, to understand how much truth there is in the information found on the net. The availability of the Bioimis Nutritional Academy to publish all its studies and research helps us understand why the Bioimis diet is achieving this great success.

What is the Bioimis Diet Based On?

The strengths of this diet and the key to its success are many:

  • the speed with which you reach your goals: you lose an average of 4-10 kg per month
  • You don’t go hungry and you don’t count calories: you eat your fill of the natural foods recommended by the Bioimis staff
  • The results achieved remain maintained: with the Bioimis diet you learn which foods make you lose weight and which ones make you gain weight, learning how to keep the results achieved forever
  • You do not have to buy any replacement products or meals: you only eat natural foods that can remain purchased in any store

If you remain motivated to change your lifestyle and achieve your goals. The Bioimis path could be just right for you! You have to go to the Bioimis website and start immediately at once.

Lose weight and do not take it up again with BIOIMIS

A customized program

The program is tailor-made for you based on your initial characteristics, food preferences, goals, and lifestyles.

No meal replacements, supplements, or artificial products. Although, quickly reach your ideal shape thanks to only natural foods that can remain purchased in any supermarket.

Goodbye hunger, eat to satiety

Free yourself from the classic concept of diet linked to weighing whatever you eat, to reducing all portions by living with a constant sense of hunger. Likewise, with Bioimis, you eat the recommended foods without considering them or counting calories.

Learn to keep the results

Each of us is different, so there are no forbidden foods!

Find out what effects the various foods have on your specific body. And use the individual properties of the foods to your advantage. Then, we will teach you how to maintain the results and enjoy your new lifestyle.

Scientific staff is always by your side!

Lastly, a staff of doctors, nutritional biologists, and food coaches will supervise your program and support you for the entire journey. Ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety.

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