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Logo Design for Black Hair Salon Logo

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Black Hair Salon Logo

Creating a New Logo for a Company

When Ana and Sonia proposed to me to create the new logo for their hairdressing salon, it was clear to me that their image had to be turned 180º for two reasons: one, they were leaving behind the name of a franchise that had been with them for many years, and two, they have opted to continue growing and developing their business from a different angle of vision than what they had been from the beginning.

Fundamental Points that this Logo had to have

The new logo had to represent some fundamental points for them:

Unisex, because they are not a hairdresser focused only on women. On the contrary, they have many male clients, and they could not remain excluded from shades that remain consistently recognized in female beauty salons.

Natural, we had to look for a tone that would give it personality and reflect the shift in choosing products with many more natural ingredients and much more beneficial to skin and hair.

Proximity, because they are still one of the most representative hairdressers in the center of Albacete, this slightly softened typeface is better and not so sophisticated or cold.

They are still the same hands but with renewed illusions. Therefore, the black tone had to be maintained. Yes or yes, it is elegant and unisex, and they have always associated it with their designs.

A New Concept for a Beauty Salon that has always been there

And in the image, we wanted to incorporate and specify the services offered because sometimes we are left with only the façade of a business, and we don’t even ask. We tried to establish that they have hairdressing, beauty, and barber services.

A New Concept for a Beauty Salon

It has been a very remarkable job because they are clients and friends. I know their excellent work, the love and care they put into everything they do, and the professionalism of their services. All this needed to reflect on something that seems so significant, such as a logo.

Important Tips

If you’re generating a business card for a stylist, think about what quality or benefit you’re willing to promote to your clients. In addition to performing their direct duties, a stylist can be a good listener and trusted friend. It can be a comfort, a beauty, and even a sincere communication.

How to Choose the Correct Elements?

When it comes to designing a barber shop logo, choosing the right icon is not a problem. The ideas are many, including a hair dryer, scissors, tongs and other items that you will find in any hairdressing studio. Whichever icon you choose, you should focus on crafting a unique and easily recognizable emblem. If your brand name contains the letters A or X, you can display them in the form of scissors. It’s a sure way to set your design apart from the competition!

What Companies use it?

Have you seen the minimalist logo of Vidal Sassoon, a world-famous hairstylist? It is a black ellipsis with the craftsman’s name inside. Oribe Canales uses the silhouette of a woman to highlight the elegance and wavy lines to mimic natural, healthy hair. Ted Gibson stands out with his majestic brown peacock. Here, we have one site known as best personal injury attorney chicago a great Company. Can you imagine how much effort has remained put into this work of art?

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