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Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery can be overwhelming, but proper preparation and the reason you need it can be worth it. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure done to enhance the shape and size of your breasts. Even though the procedure improves the shape and size of breasts, it cannot lift sagging breasts or bring them closer.

Understanding Breast Augmentation Process

The process of breast augmentation involves making a small incision on your breast for the insertion of breast implants. The incisions can be made in different areas depending on your preferences, but mostly it is performed on the lower part of your breast. You can also consider incisions around the armpits or nipples. Your plastic surgeon will tell you about the best technique to choose during your initial consultation.

Breast augmentation surgery is beneficial in many ways, but women have to face the negativities of the surgery and its recovery. While most women recover after seven days, the swelling takes longer to subside and your breast to align with the implants. Preparing for breast augmentation surgery is essential and helps you know what to expect.

How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, you must prepare for it properly. With the instructions below, you can have a safe experience and outcome after a breast augmentation procedure. Preparing for the process is essential for your safety and health and helps you make well-informed decisions. Here’s what to do.

1.  Learn More About the Procedure

Before a breast augmentation surgery, the first thing to do is learn about the procedure. Talk to those who have had the procedure and find more information about the removal of excess breast tissue online. Get to know if the procedure is outpatient and the period you will have to stay in the hospital.

Ensure you understand the cons and pros of the surgery and what changes you will face after the surgery. Your outcomes should be realistic, and the more you know about the expected outcome, the better you will make well-informed decisions. You should go ahead with the procedure if you are doing it for yourself without anybody’s influence, and you should feel optimistic about it.

2. Find a Certified Surgeon

There are multiple breast augmentation surgeons, but you need an experienced and certified one. This means scheduling an appointment with many of them until you find the right one that you feel safe around. You should be pleased with your surgeon’s work portfolio and trust them. A good surgeon will also ensure you are of sound mind and inform you of the pros and cons of breast augmentation surgery.

3. Practice Proper Fitness

Engaging in a good and unaggressive fitness routine is essential to your well-being. Low-weight strengths and upper body stretches exercise can improve your body strength and posture before and after surgery. The critical consideration is not to overdo it. Do not engage in strenuous exercise that can injure your upper body, pectoral muscles, shoulders or back.

4. Prepare Financially

Breast augmentation surgery is costly. Even though you can split the cost, coming up with the right plan on how to pay for the procedure is essential. Do not proceed with the procedure if it’s out of your budget margin. You can save up for a while and pay for the procedure at once instead of splitting the cost; you may end up paying more.

5 . Follow Your Surgeon’s Advice

During the initial consultation with your surgeon, they will advise you on what to do before the surgery. Ensure you follow and pay attention to what they recommend regarding supplements to take and your diet. Be honest about any medication you take and your health history.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet weeks before surgery is essential. Over-eating, crash dieting, or high consumption of alcohol can significantly impact your well-being and overall health. You should also avoid smoking or consuming any nicotine-based products two to four weeks before your breast augmentation surgery as it may impair your healing abilities. Ensure you stick to the dos and don’ts before the procedure for better outcomes.

6. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

You can also maintain your hygiene and health well weeks before the surgery. Avoid contact with sick people and practise proper handwashing. Catching a virus, cold, or any disease can lead to the rescheduling of your surgery. Ensure you take medications immediately in case of any illness and let your surgeon know about your health changes.

7. Get everything Ready and Formulate Post-Surgery Arrangements

Preparing as much as you can before a breast augmentation surgery will make your post-surgery life easier. Life may be a little tricky after the procedure. Here’s what to do:

  • Get enough time off work
  • Arrange for your transportation to and from the surgery
  • Clean your house as much as possible beforehand
  • Purchase comfortable pillows and bras
  • Prepare your meals
  • Set a comfortable resting place at home
  • Have all your necessities like phone, medication and tissue nearby.

8. Prepare Well the Day Before Your Surgery

One day before your breast augmentation surgery, set everything in order. You can take the garbage out, change your bedding and catch a good sleep. Put everything within your reach and arrange for help with house chores and childcare, and do not think so much about the procedure.

Do not consume meals after midnight but only a small amount of water and medication. Your stomach must be empty eight hours before the surgery.

9. Prepare Well On The Day of Surgery

You may have made preparations for most of the things before the surgery day. But there are some things you can still do on the day of surgery to make the day flawless. Take a shower with only water and basic soap, brush your teeth, do not take any water and do not apply makeup, deodorant or any lotion.

You are also supposed to get to the surgery facility two hours before your operation time for proper preparation and check-in. You may also prepare last-minute questions you may ask your surgeon.

Like any other surgical procedure, you need to be well informed about breast augmentation surgery and what to expect after the procedure. The best way to make the procedure successful is through proper preparation.

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