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Learn What Digital Advertising Is And Why It Is Different From Digital Marketing

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 Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has changed the way brands connect with their target audience and consumers in general.

A few years ago, companies limited themselves to offline media such as brochures, business cards, the outdoors and – for those with the capital – advertising on television, radio and print.

Today, however, the internet is opening the doors to advertising so any business can find their audience, spread their brand, and make sales online. Banners, sponsored links, social networks, email marketing. There is an infinite number of channels and formats that you can use!

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Now you will understand everything about digital advertising, for example: what it is, why it is worth investing in, the types, and most importantly, how you get results in this way.

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What Is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising encompasses all ways of promoting a brand and its products or services through digital devices or channels.

In addition, beyond advertising, you can engage with the target audience and develop a relationship with consumers.

Changing consumer behaviour and technological developments were the drivers of digital advertising. People started using the internet for everything from solving a simple question on Google to buying a refrigerator from an electronics store.

Because of this, in recent years the internet has become a place where companies have to be yes or yes. When the public is on Google, social networks, and blogs, they will be flagged. You must honour their presence in these rooms.

In addition, various ways in which brands connect with consumers through the Internet have emerged. As a result, digital advertising has become more complex and powerful in recent years.

The diversification of formats, forms of payment, and ways to segment audiences have made the platforms more robust and full of opportunities for businesses.

Difference Between Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing

Difference Between Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing

Do you still believe that digital advertising and digital marketing are the same things?

Nothing happens. Most of the people and experts in the area treat them the same. But there is a subtle difference between the two and we want you to know.

, Marketing deals with the 4 Ps of Marketing: Price, Product, Location and Promotion.

This concept, consisting of 4 pillars, determines how a brand is presented in the market. When it comes to digital marketing, these issues are logically thought of in the online environment.

So advertising is a marketing tool because it is part of Ps: Promotion. It is a one-way street for companies to advertise their brands and products in public, and digital advertising is the tool for doing this online.

You can previously understand that digital advertising is a digital marketing tool. Therefore, in practice, many people consider them synonymous.

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Advertising?

It is no coincidence that so several brands have embraced digital advertising. And this has several advantages, especially for small businesses.

Here we present the most relevant advantages:


The internet knows no borders. You can use instant messaging to the conversation with your friends in the neighbourhood or with someone who has enthused to the other side of the planet. It is also important to note: Everyone is on the Internet!

This means that digital advertising can increase the reach of a company in order to promote its brand and sell its products in e-commerce.

Segmentation Ability

Ever heard of big data? It relates to a significant amount of data stored on the Internet and its advantages include analyzing and providing infinite information about consumers.

They can then still be used to segment your audience and tailor your promotions for a specific audience.

Calculate Results

Paid media on the Internet have a decisive advantage over offline channels: You don’t pay in advance.

On the Internet, it is only charged if the desired result is achieved (clicks, visits to a website, conversions, etc.). Then the following payment methods result:

[Cost per click (CPC)]

[Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM)]

[Cost per Acquisition (CPA)]


Another big advantage thanks to big data is the ability to quantify and qualify digital advertising results.

You can distinguish exactly how many people saw an ad, how many clicked it, and how many more sales were made that method.

In this way, it is possible to extent the ROI (return on investment) or return on investment, one of the key strategic indicators, more precisely.

Multiple formats or get limiting yourself to 30-second images, audio, and videos. Digital advertising allows simple texts in sponsored links to a web series with several chapters on YouTube.

Creativity is the one that limits the possibilities of formats to promote a brand.

Give Small Businesses Competitiveness

The excessive advantage it contains is the democratization of advertising for the reason that astronomical capital statistics are not needed to spread your brand on online channels.

There are organic ways, which do not necessitate monetary investment, such as blogs and social networks. But, when you start putting in money, you can start with what you have and gradually increase.

What types of Digital advertising can Remain used?

Now, we will talk about the chief types of digital advertising and divide them into paid and organic.

However, it remains not a definitive list: there are many formats, and new options may emerge at any time. In digital advertising, it is vital to be up to date with the news that may appear.

Paid Media

They are individuals made through platforms that require a charge for their services. The main channels are:

Media presentation: visual displays (images, animations) that appear in content for websites.

Social Ads: Ads for social networks in numerous presentations. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter pay for tweets, and YouTube advertisements are the supreme commonly used.

Mobile Ads: any procedure of targeted advertising for websites and applications for mobile devices (phones, tablets).

Google Shopping – Product ads appear in search results with information on price, brand, and where you purchased it.

Organic Media

They are the ones that keep the trademark open without paying for registration or linking.

This does not mean there are no indirect costs such as hiring, training, or third-party service tools. Now we will show you the most important organic advertising strategies:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Optimizes the pages of a website to appear well-positioned in the organic results of search engines.

Social networks: Advertising through posts and interaction with audiences done social stages.

Email marketing: Transfer emails (usually automated) to disseminate compromises and strengthen relationships with the target audience.

Blog: Publishing articles on the area the company continues to dedicate to attracting users and improving search engine positioning

Guest Post – Guest posts on a brand partner’s blog to target a new audience and drive more traffic.

Five Tips For Increasing Digital Advertising Results

Digital advertising became popular. Today every company can use digital channels, and therefore digital competitiveness has increased as well.

If you want to attract consumer attention, you have to differentiate yourself and adopt best practices from digital advertising. Next, we’ll give you five tips to help you get positive results.

1. Focus on the make experience

The customer remains no lengthier noticing for companies or products. You need good experiences with brands that convey trust, offer solutions and create positive emotions.

So digital advertising lies in this context. When it comes to the tasks that have to remain done in the digital environment, the customer experience must come first.

How does this publication create added value for the consumer? It’s the first thing that you think of!

One of the digital advertising resources that have prioritized user experience the most is interactive ads.

With the consumer’s active participation in the promotional content, this type of promotional item generates a lot more engagement. It tends to be shared by the user, which also increases its reach.

A fascinating example of interactive advertising is the campaign launched by Gatorade with the symbolic attendance of Serena Williams, the world tennis star.

Gatorade created an interactive ad on Snapchat that consisted of a tennis game where the user could control Serena’s character while interacting with the brand’s logo and communications.

If you need to learn more about the power of interactive content to add power to your brand, download our full e-book on the subject!

2. Focus on one segment of the audience

It’s one of the higher quality spreads so don’t waste it!

Primary of all, it is essential to know the buyer well and to define the goals of the strategy. This information remains used to create the ads based on the ideal audience to make them more accurate.

3. Trial and error

Will the ad stay converted? Is the email title good? Don’t stop just in case: carry out tests and adjust if necessary.

In digital advertising, evaluations can remain performed with a minor test of the audience with a form of the page, email, post or advertisement. So beforehand you get frustrated with negative results, the first thing to do remain to understand what works and what doesn’t.

4. Invest in remarketing

Remarketing is the act of re-influencing a user who is interacting with a website, reading a blog post, or making a purchase. This can remain done through email, sponsored links, media ads, or social ads.

It’s one of the most effective strategies in digital advertising because consumers have shown interest in a brand and it just needs to remain won back!

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5. Look at the practical effects for your company

Did your post become a lot of likes? Has your article stay read by multiple users? Cool!

Most importantly, whether this served the business and achieved the goals of your marketing strategy.

Don’t waste time on vanity metrics. The focus should be on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide accurate digital advertising results for

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