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Excel Your Warzone Gameplay With These 7 Tips

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Excel Your Warzone Gameplay 

Warzone is the newest addition to the line of online overkill games; multiplayer visual screenings where your only aim is to make it out alive. Warzone requires strategic thinking and is deemed to be the most challenging mode to excel at. Analysis of your surroundings is critical to have a smooth sailing victory.

Follow these Tips to Ensure a Dazzling Win!

1. On to the Battlefield!!

Moreover, The game has started, and you are all geared up, ready to go head-to-head with your enemies. When the beginning is sweet, the end turns out sweeter. Reaching the battlefield is essential. Reaching it before others, well, that’s the catch of the game. After that, Taking the plunge is vital. While falling, you have two options; either fall free or use the parachute.

Now that you want to reach earlier, what should you do? Gamers are often advised to free fall and open the parachute when they are closer to the ground. This will help you reach the ground much faster. Securing your position on the battlefield will ensure better equipment. Also, you can save yourself by hiding in places from other players who often launch attacks from the sky.

2. Support your Fellow Teammates:

Squad games are all about the way each player gets. Watch out for any intruders with your teammates by your side. It is difficult to cancel out squads entirely. Hence squadron games tend to help with this situation. Being in a squad allows you to reap the benefits of the players within your team. There are opportunities wherein you can share the material you have acquired.

A ping button is also present on the game screen. This button helps your teammates track down any approaching intruder. If you notice another player, you can double press the ping button to notify the team about it. Another advantage of having a squad is your lifeline. If within the gameplay you happen to lose your life, don’t worry. Your teammates are the ones who will be responsible for respawning you back. Stick to them and play along.

3. Use the UAV:

One of the newest features and also the most effective one yet! What exactly is a UAV? Introduced in the warzone, the UAV is a snare. By enabling this option, you can map your enemy’s location. One map location is shown with red markings, which represent the position of the enemy players.

Some professional gamers have given a unique approach. Team squads come into play. At a single time, a team can activate close to 3 UAVs. Since starting a single UAV gives only part of the map, activation of 3 enlarges the map. You now have the advantage of locating enemies in a broader range.

4. Warzone Aimbot:

Striving for a perfect aim is very hard. More often than not, players end up killing themselves because of failed aiming. It is a tip not to shoot if you do not trust your aim. This can lead to your character’s death.

In comes the warzone aimbot. We can always sneak in some cheat cards. This is one of them. The aimbot helps in targeting your enemy, ensuring good killstreaks. You won’t fail to aim with this feature adapted to your entire gaming setup. It is a cheat code, but in the end, a flawless win is needed.


5. Upgrade your Weapons:

Try upgrading your weapons as and when possible. Go to possible hideouts and search for loot boxes that hold valuable upgrades. The greater number of bullets, the greater the time for recoil, and the better your weapon, the better your game.

6. Full throttle with the kill:

Start killing as soon as you start the game. Aim for it. After that, It is better to go all out with the killing. This will cover you up from enemies elsewhere. Eliminating possible candidates will ensure a safe descent and advent in the game.

7. Contract completion:

However, Tasks are assigned in each gameplay. These tasks can guarantee you aid in the form of cash, weapon upgrades, UAV packs, and lives. Hence when with a team, try completing as many tasks as possible.

In conclusion, get to the top of the game by inculcating these solid tips in your gameplay. After that, Play along with your fellow members, reap benefits and win awards. Get better with each game.


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