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Fashionable Haircuts 2021 2022 for women

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For women who want to renew their look, we bring some fabulous suggestions of haircuts that will be trending in 2021 and 2022. It becomes a season in which we can play freely with our hair, and where we can freely choose between different textures, long. and bangs.

A good and proper haircut is something we prefer not to save money on. Better to save on a new dress or shirt. Hair is the frame of our face. But, That is why it is our main letter of introduction.

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1.   Short haircuts

For those looking for drastic changes in their image, a good option may be to bet on short haircuts since they are gaining more ground in the current fashion. For those who want it, we present today some ideas that you will enjoy—great popularity in 2021 and 2022.

1.1 Pixie

This style remains especially recommended for daring and very self-confident women.

The hair is cut in many layers, shorter around the head and a little longer at the top, to create a slightly messy look since not all of us dare to wear our hair so short.

But the truth is that those who incorporate this type of outfit will benefit from a sophisticated and very sexy look. It is a style that brings a lot of personalities

As we can see, the length of the hair can vary. But, In these last photos, we see that much more time has remained left at the top.

The bangs can reach up to the eyebrows, or they can even be longer.

Another trend is to “draw” a line on the head.

1.2 Short Bob

It is a cut in which the hair is usually cut straight around the head at jaw length, often with a fringe in the front. It can also remain cut just below the ears or above the shoulders.

The back is usually shorter than the front, with soft layers that accentuate the roundness of the nape.

Who does this cut favour? We do not all have the same face, and the same things do not suit us all. Women who have straight hair and very feminine features are the best to wear this type of haircut.

Tall women or those who wear heels are also perfect for this type of hair, so it is so famous among many models around the world.

1.3 Shaved Hair

It is another style that we see more and more. Some areas of the head are shaved, mainly above the ears or at the nape of the neck.

2.   Medium mane

One of the main attractions of the 2021 season is that it is very diverse, and we can benefit from the different styles that fashion offers us in all its branches this time.

This great variety is also reflected in the hairstyles, which will allow us all to find a style according to our taste and personality.

The trends in medium hair share the power to give us versatility, good taste, and freshness through parades and multiple layers (or, in other words, “a lot of texture”). Regardless of the length, you want to choose. The key will be to adopt one of the two characteristics mentioned above.

Also, we can see how medium hair is undoubtedly one of the favourite lengths of all women this season. After that, In addition to being super versatile, it allows us to benefit from a low-maintenance cut. Ideal today more than ever, where the routine becomes increasingly hectic.

The texture is essential in this hair length. Cutting it into many layers will give us the possibility to achieve a lot of movement and volume.

If you have long hair and are a bit tired of taking care of it, medium hair is an excellent option, since it does not imply a drastic change in your image, but you will gain comfort and practicality.

You can renew your hair by removing the flowered and ugly ends, choosing the most trendy option, according to this year’s trends.

2.1 Long Bob

Long Bob cuts are one of the great possibilities to achieve fashionable half-length hair. We can choose all Bob styles. It is straight: the same length from the back to the front, line A, shorter at the back, asymmetrical, with or without layers, with or without fringes. Let’s see some photos of all these possibilities.

3.   Long Haircuts

The Long Haircuts with or without bangs, straight or with waves, you can feel free to choose what best suits your hair and personality. The only thing that matters is that you cut it into layers.

You can cut the hair into an undercut at the ends and long side bangs.

A lot of style with two strands from the forehead to the height of the chin, the rest follows the basic trend. After that, So modern that everyone will like it and the best thing is that all these styles. Will allow you to show off without having to worry so much about the hairstyle.

It is very straight and with slanted ends, so basic that you will not have to worry about anything other than keeping it hydrated. Because you only have to wash, dry, and style. And it will always look good. One of the advantages of these cuts is that they do not need you to deprive yourself of time to take care of it because they are very practical.

Wavy hair and bangs on the eyebrows, a very youthful and flattering look.

Another cut that flirts with the bangs without being quite it and the slightly wavy ends.

Side stripe and lots of waves.

4. Layered cuts

Concerning layers, we see that this year those known as “shaggy” are on the rise, that is, very soft, paraded layers that create a messy look. We see this type of layer in short, midi and long.

5. With bangs

A change of style always feels great. Apart from being fun, you can look different and play with your image and, of course, try new cuts and styles. The bangs are back, especially if they remain given a daring and different touch. We remain faced with varying techniques of cutting.

The bangs are a model that came into force several seasons ago, and that will probably remain firm since new variants emerge every day that inspire women to maintain the style.

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