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How to Get Fashionable Nails

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Fashionable Nails – Acrylic nails are an extension of natural nails. They remain made of acrylic powder that dries and hardens quickly. Thanks to this material, it is possible to show off aesthetic hands. The acrylic nails use different designs that add to our hand’s shades and elements, including hologram effects, mirrors, or even textures of materials such as marble and metals.

The decoration and application of acrylic nails are constantly innovating, so today, you will learn the acrylic nail styles in 2020.

Acrylic nails with different finishes – Fashionable Nails

Your nails must be 100% ready, so you must do a manicure first.

Many people fear acrylic nails; however, you can keep your nails in good condition if you do it professionally. One way to choose the design of your acrylic nails is from their shape. For this, there are the following finishes that we expose you below. If you want to know everything about acrylic nails, check out our complete guide.

In the world of nail art, glitter is a must-have basic. This material can give glamor manicurist; it is advisable to use a gel polish nail colors, a gel polish base, and a glossy topcoat to create designs that never go unnoticed.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails in which a natural pink color remains used at the nail base (in some cases, the peach tone remains usually used) and white color at the tips. In this way, a similar appearance to natural nails remains obtained. Today there are many variations in this type of decoration; for example, the French triangle style.

Pastel colors are back! But instead of combining, they seek to contrast. The secret in this design is that all the nails use different colors. The stars were a trend last year, so your sign, the moon, or the leads can accompany you wherever you go. Do you already know what character you are going to decorate them with?

This type of nail is one of the most original trends; it uses a pale base to create a fun effect that integrates several colors. It refers to the fur of animals, this type of nail is in fashion since it is possible to choose between many stamping designs.

on the other hand In this type of nail, the neutral tones of the nude kind stand out. Because they give an elegant result, it is ideal for all types of occasions.

Ten Best Ways to get Fashionable Nails

1. Ballerina finish

Long with a rectangular shape. Therefore, you can decide if you want an oval look (similar to the triangle) or to leave the look rectangular at the tip.

2. Stiletto finish

It creates a claw effect, so your fingers look sleek and very elegant. This type of nail is in trend, although they are somewhat uncomfortable for everyday tasks.

3. Almond finish

The almond shape is broad at the base and slightly rounded on the sides and at the tip. Provides practicality and comfort without losing style.

4. Square finish

They are the easiest to get naturally. After that You need to file straight.

5. Natural decor

Beige nails that go with everything. They work well for all skin characters, and they don’t have to be boring as you can add more colors or highlights.

6. Decorated with stones

Acrylic is entertaining material, so you can use a neutral pink shade on your nails and combine it with encapsulated glitters or diamonds. So you will have a beautiful set to attract attention.

7. Mirror effect

On the other hand Metallic-looking nails. If you want to achieve this. Somehow, you need to apply a powdered pigment rubbed on the nail. After that The most common ones are silver and gold.

8. Sugar effect

3D design that can be semi-permanent is calling sugar because the glitter on the nails looks similar to the texture of sugar.

9. Jersey effect

That is to say. It consists of painting the nails with a base color and with a small brush apply a 3D gel. This product achieves a fun finish; You can even use a second layer of gel to increase the three-dimensional effect. After that Play with different tones and shapes; the sky is the limit!

10. Baby Boomer

It is also called french faded. Similar to the French style, it differs by the use of blurred colors. Three colors remain used to achieve the subtle gradient effect.