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Firm Pillows And 6 Other Essentials For A Good Night’s Sleep

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Sleeping is a very straightforward process. All you have to do is wear your sleeping clothes, go to bed, close your eyes, and hope you’ll wake up on time. Unfortunately, few can go to sleep that easily. And even if they try their earnest and go to bed early, they still experience difficulties achieving a good night’s sleep.

If you’ve been suffering from insufficient sleep lately, you can solve that with bedroom essentials like a hot water bottle, firm pillows, eye masks, essential oils, and many more. These items can make the difference between being sleep-deprived and having a restful evening.

If you’re interested in finding out more about those items, check out this list.

  1. Firm Pillows

Firm Pillows
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After a long and busy day, everyone deserves to reward themselves with a night of restful sleep. And just like a chef needs a good knife to cook, you also need a great pillow to sleep. Remember that pillows are a top contributor among the many things in your bedroom that can contribute to good quality sleep.

If you’re not sleeping as well as you used to or your sleep quality has been suffering a lot lately, you may need to switch and change your pillows—get some better and firmer ones. Like mattresses, pillows also have a firmness scale, and you need to get this right when looking for new ones.

Note that firmness refers to how soft or how firm the pillow itself is. And it’s scaled like this:


Soft pillows are great for those who are stomach sleepers. They are great for those who love to snuggle their pillows during bedtime as well.

  • Medium Soft: These types of pillows come with a 4-firmness rating, and it’s ideal for people who don’t like having their heads sink into their pillow.
  • Medium: These types of pillows are perfect for those who are frequently changing positions as they sleep.
  • Medium-firm: These pillows have a 2-firmness rating, perfect for side and back sleepers who need firm support, with slight cushioning.
  • Firm: These 1-firmness rating pillows are ideal for side sleepers. They are great when it comes to providing back, shoulders, and neck support.

Nowadays, many manufacturers use buckwheat hulls to fill firm pillows. After all, this natural filling material offers many advantages. Primarily, people—especially those who have sensitive skin—have reported that buckwheat pillows improved the quality of sleep quality they’re getting.

  1. Blackout Curtains Or Blinds

If you live in a city where bright lights and busy streets even late in the evening, you may want to hang some blackout curtains and blinds in your room to get some good sleep. They can effectively block the light and dampen the noise outside. They can also make your bedroom warm, dark, and cozy as a bonus.

While having a bright room during mornings and afternoons is excellent for your health, having one during nighttime can be detrimental to your sleep, particularly your circadian rhythm or internal body clock. A messed-up circadian rhythm can impede your natural ability to fall asleep.

If your circadian rhythm is already out of whack, sleeping at night and waking up in the morning can help fix it together with some healthy habits you should pickup.

  1. Comfortable Mattress

Your pillow and mattress should go hand-in-hand. So, as you strive to have top-quality pillows, you should consider having a top-quality mattress as well.

Try to remember how old your mattress is? When did you buy it? Maybe it’s high time that you replace it. Remember that over time, mattresses age. And as time passes by, their ability to retain their shape also reduces.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to replace your mattress once every eight to ten years. Here are some key factors to consider when buying one:

  • Focus on getting something natural and organic.
  • Determine your sleeping position and ideal firmness.
  • Consider your weight as well, so the mattress thickness is enough to carry your body’s weight at a state of rest.
  1. Ceiling Fan

An air conditioner can keep the bedroom cool. But there may be nights when it’s too cold for an AC, but also too hot not to have it on. If you live in the countryside, you may not be as fearful of opening windows to let natural air inside your room. But if you live in the city, the situation may be different.

If you’re stuck in that kind of dilemma, you may want to consider having a ceiling fan. It can aid in having better temperature regulation in your bedroom and better sleep.

  1. Sleeping Eye Masks

On top of your blackout shades or blinds, here’s another essential that can be of great help: a sleeping eye mask. By wearing one, you won’t worry about unwelcomed morning light that may wake you up. Sleeping eye masks may also be the best alternative if you haven’t found blackout curtains or blinds yet. And in case you want to improve the sleep-inducing capability of your eye mask, you can opt to get scent ones, which can help you calm down and relax while you’re trying to sleep.

  1. Breathable Blankets And Sheets

If you live in a cold region or your AC pumps out too much cold air, you may want to get a thick comforter or weighted blankets. Of course, if you live in a warm place and don’t have an air conditioner, having breathable blankets and sheets is the alternative.

The point here is to choose sheets and blankets according to your room’s temperature and your preference. Otherwise, if you sweat or shiver at night, then your sleep quality is still significantly affected.

If you’re looking for the best breathable blankets and sheets, you may want to try out ones that are made with silk or organic bamboo. Sheets and blankets made from those materials have a cooling and relaxing effect on your body.


By now, you’d know that good sleep quality is just as crucial as eating well. Never hesitate to get the help of some of the bedroom essentials mentioned here to improve your sleep quality. Especially if you’re undergoing a lot of stress.

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