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Ford OTA Software Powered by The Verge Set to Launch

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Ford OTA Theverge


Ford OTA Theverge is finally ready to start rolling out OTA (over-the-air) software updates for its vehicles in a big way. While Tesla and other automakers have offered OTA updates for years, Ford delivered its first software updates to select Ford F-150 and Mustang Mach-E customers this year. However, the automaker says it is ready to rapidly increase the number of vehicles capable of receiving software updates, producing 33 million cars with the capability by 2028.

Ford, who likes to nonsensically attach the phrase “Built Ford Tough” to its products, is playing excellent with the brand this time, simply calling its software updates “Ford Power-Ups.” Over the past two months, Ford says more than 100,000 F-150 and Mach-E customers have received their first OTA updates. And more will follow, including owners of the new Ford Bronco. The automaker plans a significant update later this year, including the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Ford Software Update

Dial in your in-vehicle experience

Ford OTA Theverge,The latest update to the Ford Power-Up software includes design improvements to the SYNC®* system. It offers new features and improvements based on your feedback.

Ford Software Update

A greater experience

We have increased the interaction area on display for Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, as well as other functions such as navigation.

Added dial pad function

More than just volume, the SYNC on-screen controller can now also be used to control the climate, so you can adjust the temperature, fan speed and, if equipped, heated seats.

Simple improvements

We’ve updated the status bar at the top of the screen and implemented new, clear icons to make reading easier. Settings and controls have been unified and reorganized, giving you easier access to driving modes and Ford Power-Up software update details – all for better visibility and usability. We’ve even improved access to games, video streaming, and third-party Wi-Fi networks.

Another improvement

Personal Profile: Now easily accessible from the status bar

Simple Update Scheduling: View and accept pre-scheduled update times from the comfort of your in-vehicle screen

Driving modes: Quickly work with the driving mode on the screen and easily change it

In development: Set up a recurring schedule of Ford Power-Up software updates via the FordPass® app**

Ford Automatic System Updates

The Ford Sync 3 system available in most newer Ford vehicles is truly a technological marvel. It offers a beautiful world of new features that have never been seen in this brand’s cars, trucks and SUVs. If you own a vehicle with an older version of Ford Sync, you can still access these features by downloading an updated version of the software. Some owners can download Ford Sync 3 updates over Wi-Fi by following these simple instructions. If you run into any issues along the way, a Houston Ford dealer will be happy to help.

Ford Automatic System Updates

Setting up automatic updates for Ford Sync 3

Start your Ford car, truck or SUV and activate the Sync system.

  • If you are using sync for the first time, you may be asked if you want to receive automatic updates. Choose as you see fit.
  • It is recommended to choose automatic updates.

The screen says, “SYNC can check for updates when connected to Wi-Fi”.

  • Press [View Networks] and select the Wi-Fi signal you want to use.
  • Press [Connect] and enter the correct password (if required)
  • Press [Done]

The system should indicate that it is connecting to the network.

The update will be successful when “Connected successfully” is displayed.

Owner Ford Com Sync

Ford OTA Theverge, When you turn on sync, all your profile information, such as bookmarks, history, and passwords, is automatically saved to your Google Account. You can find information about Chrome on all your devices. If you don’t want to sync everything, you can change the information you want to save. On your Android device, open the Chrome app.

Owner Ford Com Sync

Google Account Sync was a two-way service. Changes made on one device will be backed up to the user’s Google Account. All other Google data on devices sharing the same Google account would also sync automatically. The data is stored safely if the user’s mobile phone is lost.

Google Sync has ensured seamless wireless synchronization for many Android, iOS, Blackberry, Palm and Pocket PC devices with Microsoft Outlook.

Android – choose to back up and sync any combination of Gmail, People or Calendar.

iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch or Windows Mobile – choose to sync any combination of mail, contacts or calendar.

Blackberry – choose to sync Google Contacts and Google Calendar with the built-in Address Book and Calendar apps.

Most other mobile phones – Wirelessly sync Google contacts with the built-in Address Book application.

Ford Power-Up

The version history of Ford Power-Up updates for Ford SYNC version 4 and 4a hardware developed by Ford Motor Company began with the launch of the 2021 Mustang Mach-E in December 2020. It was referred to as “over-the-air”. Update until May 2021, when Ford adopted the name “Ford Power-Up”.

Ford Power-Up updates allow you to upgrade the user interface and reprogram the module’s firmware in the vehicle. Ford expects to produce 33 million vehicles with the Power-Up feature by 2028. Not all cars have the same software layout due to user interface differences. SYNC 4 comes with an 8- or 12-inch horizontally oriented main display, while SYNC 4a comes with a 12- or 15.5-inch vertically oriented main display.

Ford Power-Up

Ford has publicly discussed improvements for future Power-Up updates. The exact timing and grouping of these updates have not been announced. These features may be released in multiple versions, and some or all of these features may not remain released for specific vehicles, model years, or at all.

These future features include:

BlueCruise update

Lane Change Assistant (change lane by tapping the turn signal)

Predictive Speed ​​Assist (adjust vehicle speed for turns, roundabouts and more)

Lane Change (helps hands-free highway driving feel more natural by keeping the vehicle in its lane while subtly shifting its position away from cars in adjacent streets, especially large semi-trailers)

Touch screen games

“Escape Room”

Add “pet mode.”

Add a software-controlled button to release the front trunk

Unlock the usable battery of the 2021 Mustang Mach-E to the same level as the 2022 models

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