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Google Trends Write For UsGoogle Trends is a precious tool for any serious marketer. Because of its power, you must understand how to use it correctly and that you don’t “discover trends” where none exist. In this article, you’ll learn everything essential to know about Google Trends, plus 12 ways to use them for SEO.

What are Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free tool that brings data and graphs about the popularity of specific search terms used on Google and YouTube. It was initially introduced in 2006, and the latest version was released in May 2018.

Keyword Research

You can do free keyword research on Google Trends by entering a specific search term into the search box on the home page.

By default, this will search Google’s most popular keywords – but you can also change this to search YouTube search data instead. Google Trends returns a graph of the admiration of a search query over the past year. You can also change the time frame by expanding the period.

Looking at data over the last two or three years, compared to the previous year, will help you distinguish between fads and actual trends. The keyword research feature helps identify keywords that are becoming more popular and avoid keywords that are declining over time.

 Searching for Related Keywords

What makes Google Trends unique is its ability to recommend trending related keywords. This feature effectively allows you to identify better and more relevant keywords based on your key search query. When you enter a search term on the home page, the site returns a list of keywords that it thinks are closely related to your search.

Google Trends will show you these keywords in order of popularity and give you the same % increase in search volume for each.

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