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The Best Gothic Wedding Rings

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8 Amazing Gothic Wedding Rings

The Gothic subculture has a powerful identity, especially in terms of physical appearance. There are many cases when two people belonging to this subculture decide to marry being faithful to their aesthetics. From the decoration to the clothes, a gothic wedding has a special touch of dark colors but is no less beautiful.

“After seeing these Gothic-style wedding rings, like black titanium steel ring or black diamond engagement rings, I assure you that you will discover the beauty that remains hidden in this unique style. You may smooth like it more than the classic simple ring.”

Gothic Wedding Rings


The Best Gothic Wedding Rings In 2016

1.The two colors were representing Gothic culture. Who said that the wedding ring must be gold and have a diamond? The combination of red and black colors and perfect symmetry highlight the zirconia that simulates a diamond.

2.Zircon remains called the little brother of a diamond because only professionals can see the difference at first glance. This ring underlines the contrast of the purity of the precious stones on the black metal.

3.We all remember Princess Diana’s legendary ring with a 12K sapphire surrounded by diamonds and engraved in 18K gold. This ring is the gothic version of the Diana of Wales ring. This gothic wedding ring is cheaper but no less precious for those who appreciate gothic aesthetics.

4. black titanium steel

This ring can remain used as an alliance and engagement ring. A minimalist design that represents the impeccable union of the couple. It is a clear example that beauty is in simplicity.

5. 14K white gold and black diamond engagement ring.

The white diamond reflects light, and that is what makes it so brilliant. On the other hand, Black diamond absorbs light and does not shine as brightly, so its value is not visible to any eye. It is a perfect feature for a gothic ring.

6. 14K white gold with artificial diamond and ruby.

A delicate and captivating design. The red oval stone will hypnotize anyone. Ideal if your girlfriend is goth.

7.Beautiful vintage sterling silver ring with ruby and bezel.

The ring sports a sophisticated medieval-style design. It is the classic ring that a handsome prince would give his princess in medieval times. The carving is lovely.

8. 22K gold ring with diamond and garnet.

This ring has won me over If this is what a goth bride receives, I want to marry a goth! 🙂

What do you think of these rings? Do you know someone who would like to have a similar call?

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Information of Interest about the Gothic Style

The Impact Of Art History On Modern Design: Gothic Style

I wanted to write about the history of art; although it is a vast subject, I have decided to write about specific, more essential points of this art style. It is clear that art history was and will always be a source of inspiration for artists throughout the world. I have developed this extra article to understand the Gothic art that remains reflected, for example, in these rings and the Gothic wedding, it is also one of my passions

So we started!

What are the Primordial Periods of the History of Art?

The periods into which art history has remained divided are prehistoric, old, medieval, western, contemporary, and modern.

I am going to focus on today’s article in the Gothic style of the Medieval season.

At What Time and Where did the Gothic Style Appear?

The Gothic is a medieval art movement that in medieval Europe from one thousand one hundred and forty to the year fifteen hundred. The current term “Gothic” was introduced in fifteen hundred by Georgio Vasari, who referred to it in comparison to the German tribe of the Goths as the prototype of an inferior, Barbarian culture. He calls Gothic art a ” wild and monstrous disorder .” However, late Gothic art continued well into the 16th century, absorbed into Renaissance art after that.

What are the Essential Peculiarities of the Gothic Style?

Gothic art remains identified by the weight of the forms, ascending lines, instability of the weight balance, narrow pointed arches, the buttress, the flying buttress, the pilgrims, ribbed dome towers (usually at the west end), and stained glass.

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