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How to Make and Use a Green Screen Easily – 2023

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The Matrix and The Noble of the Rings trilogies or the latest Avengers sequel consume somewhat in common. None of these movies could have remained filmed thirty years ago. Because the green screen technique was not as advanced as it is today.

Spooky landscapes, fire-breathing dragons. Or spell-casting wizards are just a glimpse of what can be achieved using a green screen in a movie studio. The advancement of digital technology has through this cinematographic technique. Much more accessible to filmmakers, and its use in the video itself does not mean that you have to rely upon it. On multi-million dollar production budgets.

All you need to create mind-blowing visuals. That will leave viewers speechless is a piece of green cloth and a camera. That can capture high-quality video.

Let’s dive more profound into the magical world of a green screen. Movie making and find out how you can use it in your own videos. Even if you’re working on a low-budget movie.

[Part 1: What is Green Screen?]

[Part 2: How to Make a Video with Green Screen Effects?]

[Part 3: How to Use Green Screen Video for Composite?]

[Part 1: What is Green Screen?]

What is Green Screen?

The term Green Screen or Chroma Important is self-describing because the technique presents an actor on a green or blue background.

Naturally, you will wonder why the screen has to remain green or else blue.

The reason is situated that these two colors remain considered the furthest from the natural color of the skin, allowing editors to replace the background without the danger of damaging the human figure on the screen.

The History of Green Screen: The blue screen technique originated in the early 1930s and has since remained used in countless Oscar-winning films for special effects, including George Lucas’s “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Green screen is a much more recent technique that has become popular in the age of digital camera movies. The basic concept of the technique is quite simple, place an actor on a monochrome background and film all the on-screen movement, dialogue, or any other stage action and then replace the background with landscapes, digitally generated cityscapes, or futuristic interiors using the visual effects that all professional video editing software offers.

Green Screen Filming Equipment: For a green screen to work well, it is advisable to use a good quality camera that records HD quality video. However, any camera that records videos in MP4 and MOV formats will work, including phone cameras. You will also need good quality Chroma Key software, many are commercially available and some can even be downloaded for free. Some programs include Windows Movie Maker 2.0, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro X.

However, consumer software has lesser color effects. For still photos, Adobe Photoshop has a built-in Chroma key feature that allows users to manipulate photos taken against a green background by changing them to whatever they want. Many programs come with Chroma Key backgrounds, others can be downloaded separately.

Part 2: How to Make a Video with Green Screen Effects?

Method 1: How to Make a DIY Green Screen Effect Video


Despite what you may think, you don’t have to remain Peter Jackson or one of the Harry Potter directors to remain talented at using the green screen technique in your movie.

All you essential is a camera that can record high-quality video, a tripod, and a piece of green leaf to use as a background.

Step 1: Installation

Preparing the filming location for your green screen scenes isn’t very difficult. But before you start setting up your equipment. You need to decide whether you want to shoot the scene in a studio or outdoors in broad daylight.

Shooting outdoors can be an excellent option if you don’t have spotlights. Because sunlight can be used to illuminate the scene perfectly. However, using spotlights in a controlled environment determination likely give you more creative freedom. Because you won’t have to worry about shadows or sudden light changes.

Step 2: Placing the Green Screen

It may appear like an easy step, but failing to free the green leaf. Wrinkles can cause a fair amount of trouble in post-production. Make sure the piece of the sheet you use as the background is perfectly smooth. As even the smallest wrinkle will be visible once you remove the background in video editing software.

Step 3: Clothes

The costume your actors will wear in front of a green screen should not be green. Because the editing software will remove all green parts of the shot, including the green parts of the costume.

To avoid these problems, choose colors that contrast with the green or blue background so you don’t have to re-shoot the scenes. If you want to make your actor transparent by wearing clothes of similar tones to the background it is completely justified.

Step 4: Shoot the green screen scene

Once you have chosen the location. Adjusted the lights, selected the right colors for the costume that you are ready to start filming. Make sure your camera is perfectly still by placing it on a tripod to avoid camera shake. Lease the actors perform the scene and pay close attention to each detail of the shot because it will allow you to get better results.

Method 2: Download the green wallpapers from the website

The quickest way to get a green screen that you can use in your video is to download it from a website, like VideoBlocks or Shutterstock, or you can get some free green screen images like skeleton breaking screen and scary Sadako ghost on Filmstock’s effects store. Now you can also buy a single green screen image for a one-time fee from Filmstock.

You can get hundreds of different video files that feature many types of motion and elements that can be used to create your videos. The advantage of pre-existing Chroma Key footage is that you don’t have to go to the trouble of filming it yourself. Which can be a daunting task if you don’t complete all the steps to create your green screen correctly.

However, downloading the images from photo or video websites is not free and can be quite expensive. Also, the length of downloadable videos is often limited to just five to ten seconds.

The Green Screen videos that are available for download will help you save time in post-production, but they are not a reliable option for filmmakers. Who want to create unique visual material or if Green Screen scenes are longer than a few seconds.

As you can see in the video above, in addition to downloading the green screen images from the website or recording them yourself. You can also use the specially designed video effects in Filmstock, which allow you to make a great movie in a few minutes.

Green screens: why they are used in the cinema

The green displays are not only a failure mode that may be caused by bad update drivers they are also an important tool in the development of films and videos. Something as “simple” as a green cloth can get us to move to places unthinkable before the camera, how is that possible?

What is a green screen and why is it so useful

The great Hollywood movies have a high number of special effects that involve complex and long post-processing. To carry them out, most of them depend on a simple color: green. With green screens, we can transport ourselves to any place so that it seems. That the film has to remain recorded in places as fascinating as Mars or non-existent planets.

If you use them, you can tell the editing software you use to detect a range of colors and replace them with a transparent layer. Once you have done this you can put anything in it. These screens have proven to be totally versatile and have a large number of uses (currently they remain not only used for locating backgrounds but also to shape characters such as dragons.

Companies use the color green because camera sensors remain prepared. To capture a greater range of shades of that color, just like the human eye does. So when using a green screen. The camera can more easily detect all shades of green to make them transparent and leave the rest of the colors intact. In addition. It is the color that best contrasts with the color of human skin, improving the image in the camera.

They have not always been green

Green screens have not been the only ones that have remain used to create this effect. In movies like Star Wars, blue screens remained used to recreate the space backgrounds that we saw. In fact, they used miniatures of the spaceships that we saw and captured them on a blue background. And then displayed them in space.

Similarly, For better color capture and avoiding green “edges” in the transformed image. Although it seems very simple, using green screens requires good lighting. So if you want to start testing. You can practice with your mobile, computer with an installed video editor and a green screen.

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