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Health Benefits of Flavored Candles from Traditional Ones

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Scented candles create a soothing ambiance and make your home cozier. Besides, they can enhance your mental health.

The smell of certain candle scents stimulates the part of your brain that deals with memory. For example, ylang-ylang is known for its mood-boosting properties.

Nontoxic candles are the best option as they don’t emit harmful chemicals such as benzene and toluene nor produce toxic microparticles that can cause breathing problems and lung cancer.

1. Reduces Stress

Adding scented candles to your home is an easy way to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Candles with soothing scents like lavender, jasmine, or vanilla help calm the mind and ease tension. The scents in a candle interact with the receptors on your nose and brain that influence mood and emotion. Different scents produce different effects. For example, eucalyptus helps you breathe more deeply, while peppermint enhances concentration and increases focus.

The calming effect of aromatherapy works by targeting the scent receptors on your brain that are responsible for regulating your nervous system. The odor molecules of the fragrance bind to these nerve cells and stimulate your brain activity to change your emotions, memories, and thoughts. Inhaling a pleasant scent can also trigger the release of neurotransmitters that improve your mood and relieve stress.

When you use a candle to relieve stress, it’s important to pair it with relaxing activities. For example, you can light a candle with soothing scents and play soothing music or listen to gentle sounds of nature like rain. This helps you get the most out of your relaxation time and experience a deeper sense of peace.

Aside from the psychological impact of scented candles, using soy-based ones is better for your health because they emit fewer pollutants. Traditional paraffin-based candles contain harmful toxins that can affect the air quality of your home, while soy candles are made from renewable soybean oil and are free of chemicals. When you buy a soy candle, you support local farmers and promote eco-conscious living.

Using the right candle for your needs can help you manage stress by improving your memory and increasing productivity. For instance, a rosemary-scented candle can boost your energy levels to combat mental fatigue, so you’ll be more productive at work or school. A scented candle that incorporates the scent of eucalyptus can also help you concentrate better and reduce scattered-brain feelings, which are beneficial if you’re studying for exams or preparing to take an important test. You can also opt for a lemon verbena candle to soothe headaches and ease muscle tension.

2. Improves Memory

Flavored candles are known for bringing a cozy and inviting atmosphere to your home. They can also be used to mask odors and promote better sleep. These benefits and their alluring scents have made candles an integral part of our lifestyles. However, a little-known fact is that they can also improve your mental health and memory. Research has shown that certain scents can evoke positive emotions and reduce stress, while others can arouse the mind and enhance focus. This is why aromatherapy is such a popular form of healing for people with anxiety and depression.

Using fragrance to treat mental health problems is a centuries-old practice. The olfactory system in our brain is incredibly powerful and can affect our mood and memory. Inhaling a fragrant candle’s scent can trigger neurotransmitters that can improve mood, lower stress levels, and boost motivation. Furthermore, the pleasant smells produced by candles can also increase your memory by stimulating the brain’s limbic system, which is the center of our emotional and physiological responses.

There are several scented candles that can help you achieve your studying goals, such as rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus. The energizing, herbaceous scent of rosemary can increase alertness and enhance focus. In addition, a candle with a strong scent of mint can help clear your mind and eliminate brain fog. The fresh, clean scent of eucalyptus can alleviate sinus issues and reduce headaches as well.

Aside from these mental health benefits, scented candles can be a perfect addition to any party or celebration. A candle-lit dinner creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere, while a scented candle can make any holiday more festive. The delicate flicker of a candle symbolizes hope in the darkest hours, while its wax implies divinity and purity.

While traditional candles can be a great decoration, they produce dangerous chemicals when burned. These harmful compounds can include benzene, toluene, and naphthalene, all of which are toxic to humans. They also emit a lot of soot, which can cause damage to furniture and walls. This is why using a natural and non-toxic scented candle in your home is important.

3. Reduces Anxiety

When you’re feeling stressed, scented candles can help calm your mind. When lit, they emit a soft glow and pleasant aromas that create a soothing environment, and the scents can also stimulate the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in your brain. These chemicals can improve your mood, lower your stress levels, and increase feelings of well-being.

When selecting a scented candle, choose one that is made from natural ingredients. The best options are coconut oil, beeswax, or soy, and avoid paraffin wax candles, which contain toxic chemicals and produce large amounts of soot when burned. The soot can clog your lungs and may cause other health problems, including heart disease and lung damage.

Some popular scented candle scents include lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, lemongrass, rosemary, and patchouli. These scents have been shown to reduce cortisol, the hormone associated with stress and depression. These candles can help you feel more relaxed, leading to better sleep, improved focus, and higher overall wellness.

Psychotherapists often recommend scented candles to their clients for mental functioning. The calming fragrances can help relieve stress and boost energy levels, and many of these scents are familiar and associated with positive memories. They can also enhance mindfulness or meditation practice by creating a calming atmosphere.

You can purchase scented candles from online retailers, such as Ohcans Handmade Cake Candles, which use all-natural ingredients and support local soybean farmers engaged in sustainable soybean cultivation practices. These companies offer a wide range of fragrances and sizes. For example, their Valerian aromatherapy candle contains valerian essential oils that have been known to promote a relaxing effect. Valerian has been dubbed “nature’s valium,” and it helps reduce anxiety by controlling the nervous system.

You can also find other scented candles with specific health benefits, such as the Ylang Ylang and Jasmine Stress Relief Candle from Etsy seller LirioVela or the Stress Be Gone Candle from ScentualGoddess. These candles also include chamomile and other calming herbs to soothe the skin. ScentualGoddess’ tin has a stress-relief mantra written on it that can be repeated while the candle is burning.

4. Increases Self-Esteem

Candles are used as an integral part of many spiritual practices and rituals. You may light a candle during meditation, at the beginning or end of the day, or before any ceremony or celebration. Besides adding an inviting glow and enhancing the ambiance, candles are also known for their healing and soothing properties. They can enhance the mood, boost energy, help with focus, and improve sleep. They can even mask odors and increase the overall comfort of your home.

One of the most surprising scented candle health benefits is their ability to enhance your self-esteem. Research shows that scents have an impact on the limbic system in our brain, which is associated with memory and emotions. Inhaling certain fragrances, such as ylang-ylang, helps to stimulate this area of the brain, thereby boosting your self-esteem. Other scented candles with relaxing fragrances such as lavender, plumeria, or lily of the valley can have a similar effect, calm your mind, and reduce stress.

Aside from improving your mood, a good-smelling candle can help you focus better at work or school. Scented candles that incorporate scents like rosemary, ylang-ylang, or eucalyptus stimulate your brain to boost your concentration and cognitive stamina. Candles with energizing fragrances, such as citrus or mint, are also excellent for eradicating any tiredness and reviving your senses.

Using candles for self-care is an essential part of your health and wellness routine. The warm and soothing flickering light and calming scent of a candle can help you unwind after a long day or relax before going to sleep. They can even help you meditate, which is a great way to de-stress and relieve anxiety.

Besides being useful for many practical purposes, candles have also become a popular choice for aromatherapy. Different scented candles have their own health benefits, including enhancing the mood, improving memory, and relieving stress. These benefits make scented candles an important addition to your daily life and are also an ideal gift for friends and loved ones.

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