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How much does it cost you to replace your Ray Ban Lenses?

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Replace your Ray Ban Lenses

How we Replace your Ray-Ban lenses

It’s surprisingly simple to give those scratched-up old Ray-Bans new life, restore their original beauty, and make them look as wonderful as the day you got them. First, visit our website and select your Ray-Ban style. Given the wide selection of sunglasses available, this shouldn’t take more than a minute. Step two: After deciding on a type, there are several lens options, including polarized, non-polarized, and a wide array of eye-catching colours and mirrors.

How we Replace your Ray-Ban lenses

Once you’ve thought it over and decided, please place your order online, sit back, and let us take care of the rest. Your lens replacement for ray bans¬†will be carefully packaged and sent to you without additional cost as soon as possible. That’s right. We’ll even pay for the postage and packing! You can then follow our quick video instruction that walks you through how to replace ray ban lenses since we’ll ensure that your new lenses are a perfect, precisely engineered fit. Once again, this should only take a few minutes, and you stay done!

How Much Did I Pay?

Like any well-known brand, Ray-Bans’ quality and reputation come at a cost. The average price range for Ray-Bans is $130 and above. Polarized lenses will cost more if you decide to purchase eyewear with them. You might come across fantastic discounts on websites like eBay, Amazon, and others. However, if the vendors are selling their spectacles for a significant value from what they are worth, they might not be accurate. Unfortunately, buying directly from Ray-Bans or an authorized seller is the only risk-free option to make an internet purchase.

What Did It Come With?

Be mindful of the package your Ray-Bans come in when you buy them. Every pair of Ray-Bans should be sold with a box, instruction manual, carrying case, and cleaning cloth. An authenticity certificate is one thing that remains excluded from purchase.

Box: The paper box in which it remains packaged ought to be a gleaming silver box bearing the Ray-Ban emblem. You should be able to see a label with barcodes on the side of the box.

Booklet: A little booklet with advertising images, details about the item, and advice on how to take care of your glasses should remain included in the packing. The booklet is not an authentic document by itself.

Case: The cases will vary depending on the frames you receive. However, most patients should have a genuine leather-like feel and appearance. On the front left side, it must also feature a seal that is either black or gold. “100% UV Protection – Ray-Ban – Sunglasses by Luxottica” must be written on the seal. The junior glasses would be an exception to this.

Cleaning Cloth – The Ray-Ban logo and premium material remains required for the cleaning cloth.

Are the Details Right?

Since Ray-Bans are a more expensive kind of sunglasses, there shouldn’t be any apparent flaws in how the glasses seem. Ray-Bans have somewhat consistent details throughout all frames on the actual frame:

Like Aviators, the clear nose pad on wireframes will have an inscription on the metal directly below it.

The hinges on the arms of Wayfarers are always substantial metal hinges; they are never concealed or made of flimsier materials.

The top of the right lens will remain decorated with the “Ray-Ban” emblem; it should not peel or smear.

Every left lens will have a little “RB” engraved in the left-centre corner. Paint should not stand applied to this. Only if they are original Ray-Bans will this change; Bausch & Lomb, who acquired Ray-Bans in 1999 and sold them to Luxottica, may be represented by a “BL” instead.

Any indications on the glasses themselves and the package should be free of typographical and printing problems.


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