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How to Attract Positive Energy to Your Room

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How to Attract Positive Energy to Your Room

Are you looking for ways to enhance your room’s positive energy? Here are some simple and easy tips that can transform your space.

Start by decluttering. Getting rid of unwanted clutter is one of the best things you can do to attract positive energy. Also, keep your windows open to bring in fresh air and avoid stale or toxic energy.


Whether it’s about buying new furniture for your home or adding pop colors to your walls, the right choice of color can make a huge difference in the positive energy in your room. Different colors affect your mood and can profoundly affect your life. In the ancient practice of Feng Shui, each color represents a specific type of energy that is essential in attracting good luck and positivity.

For example, red symbolizes passion and high energy and is a color that should be used sparingly in the home. It can be stimulating to the mind and encourage you to take on challenges in life. However, too much red can make you feel anxious and restless. It is also important to balance this color with calm colors.

Pink is another powerful color that represents love and romance. It is associated with the fire element in feng shui and can bring positive energy to your bedroom or recreational space. The lighter shades of pink can be soothing for your home and help you relax.

Green represents nature and freshness and is an excellent color for your living room or kitchen. It promotes healing, growth, and renewal. Green is also known to improve concentration and enhance your ability to think clearly. The darker shades of green can be calming and are a good option for your bedroom.

Purple shows a sense of spirituality and is associated with royalty. It is also a popular choice for meditation and relaxation. It is a good choice for the bedroom as it promotes healthy sleep. The darker shades of purple can be a little overwhelming, so it is best to use them in small doses.

Brown is a comforting and familiar color that relates to quality, warmth, and family. It is also associated with wealth, and it is a good color to use in the dining area of your home. Brown can also be used in the kitchen to inspire food preparation and nourishment.

In Feng Shui, the colors white and grey represent the metal element. They can be used in any room but are especially beneficial in your home’s north and northwest corners. The water element, which is represented by blue, is said to generate auspicious yang energy and can be used in the north sector of your home. You can use this color in the form of a decorative fountain or fish tank or even paint your home’s exterior.


Whether you are trying to attract positive energy or simply want your home to feel brighter, lighter, and more expansive, giving your space a natural boost with a few simple changes is easy. By decluttering your space, eliminate the cobwebs, stale air, dust bunnies, and cluttered stuff that evoke negative emotions. This can be done by going through everything you have and only keeping things that make you happy and energized.

Adding plants to a room is another way to attract positivity. Plants act as a natural filter against negativity and stress, calming the mind and improving the atmosphere by releasing oxygen into the air. They can be a low-maintenance addition to any living space and a great way to connect to nature.

Plants are natural air purifiers that can help with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. They also release moisture vapor, which helps increase the humidity of a room. This is great for those with dry skin and can help with headaches, dry coughs, sore throats, and chest congestion.

Color greatly impacts mood, and the good news is that it’s one of the easiest changes you can make to a room. Lively colors like greens, yellows, and reds are known to boost happiness, while blues are good for relaxation. Using a few small splashes of these colors can make your space feel brighter lighter, and instantly give you an uplifted feeling.

Having a few potted plants near the entrance is a good Vastu Shastra tip to attract positive energy. The neem plant is known for its healing properties and is good for mending broken relationships, while the Peony plant symbolizes optimism and brings in positivity. Keeping a chrysanthemum plant near the front door is a traditional Vastu symbol of prosperity and wealth.

Keeping windows open and having a fresh breeze flowing through the house is important to ensure that your home is full of positivity. Hanging wind chimes or bells near your home’s main entrance can help create the right ambiance. Also, keep a scented candle or aromatic oil diffuser in your bedroom to give you a relaxing and refreshing sleep.


Bringing positive energy into the home is one of the simplest ways to boost your mood. Changing the color of a room, adding fresh flowers, or even a little salt can help in attracting positive vibes.

The first step to inviting positivity into your space is to declutter. Clutter creates stagnant energy; removing it is an easy way to make your house feel lighter and more open. Make sure to remove all items that no longer serve a purpose and don’t spark joy when you hold them in your hands. Also, avoid keeping broken or chipped things around the house. Regular cleaning and sweeping of your house is essential to get rid of any cobwebs or other unwanted materials that can attract negative energy.

Another Vastu tip to invite positive energy is to keep a bowl of salt in dark nooks and corners of your house. It is believed that this salt absorbs negativity and clears the atmosphere of your house. Also, add a spoonful of sea salt to the water and mop the floor of your house.

Flooding your house with natural light is a great way to bring positive energy to your space because it connects your indoor spaces with nature and the outdoors. Also, sunlight has been proven to improve mood and reduce stress levels. If you don’t have windows that allow enough natural light, try adding some netting or even a window box to let the sun in.

Other simple Vastu tips to invite positive energy into your space include putting wind chimes near the main entrance of your home and lighting dhoop and agarbatti regularly to remove negative vibrations in the house. Also, hang paintings in your home that portray happiness and positivity. Moreover, you can also burn sage in your bathroom to remove negativity from the environment of your home.

By following these simple Vastu tips to invite positive energy, you can transform your home into a place that makes you feel happy and inspired. Remember, though, that the most important thing to do is surround yourself with what makes you feel happy. Whether it’s your favorite colors, a beautiful painting, or a good cup of coffee, these changes can dramatically affect how you feel every day.


Positive vibes can be created by lighting up a space with things that make you happy. Stay away from cluttered spaces that feel stale & dingy. It’s easy to create a space that feels happier, brighter & more expansive once you know what it is that truly makes your heart sing.

For example, try changing your light fixtures for a more modern look or switch out your lampshade for something groovy. Or hang twinkle lights or paper lanterns that emit a soft glow at night. Light up the room with candles too, their flames help to burn away any negative energy that may be lurking around.

Color is also a mood enhancer, painting your walls a new hue can have a significant impact on how the room feels. Blue helps with relaxation, red encourages warmth & excitement, yellow is for cheer, and green promotes tranquility.

Keeping fresh air in the house is also a great way to invite positive energy into a room. Keep windows open during the day and place wind chimes near the main entrance to attract positive energy.

Another tip is to keep a jar of lemon water in the house as it has the power to remove negativity from the home. This is especially helpful in case of a bad relationship or long periods of stress. Lastly, keep in mind that positivity is within all of us. It’s just a matter of tapping into that inner power and unleashing our potential to have the life we want.

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