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How To Pleat A Skirt, Materials to be used?

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Pleat A Skirt

This spring-summer, one of the trends will be pleated skirts, so, anticipating the season, today we will explain how to make a skirt pleat.

To do this tutorial, it is necessary to know how to sew a little since it will be essential to mount the waist after pleating it.

 Pleat A Skirt

What Fabrics can be Pleated?

Polyester fabrics provide a durable pleat, while silk-satin, organzas, georgettes, and taffeta fabrics make beautiful pleated pieces; Note that some qualities of silk may lose some of their adhesion to the crease when dry cleaned.


  • Three meters of fabric for a hip of 90 centimetres (1 meter of cloth every 30 centimetres).
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Thread and needle.
  • Sewing machine.



First, we will decide the length of the skirt. In this case, it will be above the knee and mounted on the hip. We will cut 3 meters (for a 90 cm hip) of fabric, adding pieces if necessary and the length that we have decided. Finally, before starting the pleating, we will hem with the sewing machine.

To Pleat A Skirt

Next, we will take measurements and mark them with needles. The fold must be 3.5 centimeters and the bottom 7 centimeters. It is important to note that the folds will always be done in an anti-clockwise direction. We will mark the fold along the length of the skirt with several needles to make it more perfect.

Next, following the needles, we will superimpose the row of hands of 3.5 centimeters on the row that is 7 centimeters away, forming the fold. We will hold it with needles, and we will pass a length to fix it. We will do the same operation for the entire To Pleat A Skirt.

To finish the pleating, we will iron at a suitable temperature and fix each skirt’s pleats well. Then we will only have to mount the dress at the waist and put a zipper on it. To Pleat A Skirt

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