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Five Circumstances in Which You Need a Jersy City Criminal Lawyer to Defend You

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Hiring a criminal defense attorney is not only for those who committed or are charged with a crime. Although skilled Jersey City criminal lawyer can help protect your rights as a defendant in a criminal case, there are other circumstances where you can benefit from their legal services. The following are situations in which you need a defense attorney on your side:

You are Facing Criminal Charges

A defense attorney can defend you if you have been charged with minor crimes such as cyberstalking and retail theft or more severe crimes such as manslaughter and sexual assault. Regardless of the charges you are facing, the legal system in the state is complicated and things can quickly get worse if you try to defend yourself without legal help. 

The Police or Federal Investigators are Questioning You

If the police suspect you of committing a crime; however, they do not have reasonable evidence to arrest you, they will try to directly get information from you that can be used against you. It is your legal right to have an attorney present during police questioning. 

The Police is Searching Your Home

If the police appear with a warrant in your place is residence, this means a judge thinks there is enough evidence that a crime happened in your house. Whether the police find or take something or not, you must contact a reliable defense attorney to talk through what took place and seek their help knowing the specific charges you are facing. 

You are False Accused of a Crime

If a prosecutor, police officer, or judge in Jersey City thinks you have committed a crime, it can be quite hard to prove you did not. This can be particularly the case if you have a criminal history. However, just because you had trouble in the past does not mean your constitutional rights must be ignored. To increase your chances of getting exonerated, hire a defense attorney who will advocate for your innocence. 

You Want Your Criminal Record Expunged

If you have past crimes that you wish to move on from, you have some criminal records expunged. Even if the court found you guilty before, some charges and allegations can stain your reputation or record. An experienced defense attorney can determine if you are eligible for expungement. Although it will not be a simple process, the help of an attorney provides you with the best chance. 

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