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Kraft Paper Bags: What are They and How are They Made?

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Paper bags can be of various types and colours, depending on the consumer’s taste. However, there is one that predominates over the rest. These are kraft paper bags, a material that characterizes by its recyclable and ecological use.

The kraft paper roll can remain found in various colours, but the most demanded by the customer is brown. This colour, similar to cardboard, is due to the fact that the material does not go through a whitening process when making the bags.

Characteristics of Bags made with Kraft Paper

Its thickness and roughness in texture distinguish this type of material.

This resistance is due to its manufacture or employing a combination of cellulose fibres collected from the wood of the trees.

Its design makes it welcome in a clear and clean way the logo of a company, to convey the desired brand image to the client.

Being with recyclable materials favours the conservation of the environment since it does not pollute.

Apart from being use for commercial paper bags, the kraft paper material remains used for other uses such as transporting food (bread, fruit, snacks) in smaller bags.

How is Kraft Paper Bags made?

The process of making each paper bag varies depending on whether or not the design customizes. If we choose to purchase a unicolour bag, the result will take less time than if we add the logo or some graphic text.

The version with a print design, the first thing to do is put the company logo on paper. This process is done using flexography, a printing technique that involves the use of a rais plate that places the ink on the kraft paper using a flexographic printer.

The next step will be to introduce it into a die-cutting machine. We insert the coil of kraft paper and select the desired function. This machine is in charge of dividing the paper roll depending on the chosen size. It also makes the folds that the bags carry at the top.

If what we want is a bag without a printed design, taking the material directly to the die-cutter is enough.

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