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Examples Of Headlines On Linkedin Divided By Sectors

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Headlines On Linkedin – The professional headline is the section of your LinkedIn profile to show what you know how to do and not so much what you are. After that, Your keywords, competencies, sectors of expertise and target positions are condensed in the professional headline.

Therefore it is not a simple “administrative” or a “job-seeking,” but a first presentation that should already be powerful and invite you to read the rest of your professional profile.

For example, it is always more interesting to say, “I help large companies to improve their sales among young consumers” than the “commercial” period.

Before giving you examples of headlines on LinkedIn by sector, I will provide you with some recommendations that I think are interesting.

And then, you will have to the couple and adapt this information to your specific case and to what you need or want to highlight from your profile.

Some Recommendations For Your Headline On Linkedin

A well-made headline must include keywords, whether you repeat them later in your “about” or in other sections of your profile. After that, These words are what make you appear in searches, among other things.

However, The headline on LinkedIn should target your future employer if you are looking for a job. Tell him what you know how to do and what skills you have to achieve it.

If you do not work, do not put in the headline “unemployed” or similar things. You can put references to this situation in your “about,” set a last professional experience type ” looking for opportunities, “and so on. But don’t waste headline space with this.

Interestingly, the headline on LinkedIn calls to visit your profile, either by direct order or an arrow emoticon or similar or because it directly invites and incites the words to continue reading.

Moreover, In the next section, I give you examples of headlines on LinkedIn by sectors to use them as examples for yourself. But, I would love to hear your questions in the comments section of this article.

Formulas for writing the LinkedIn headline

You can put:

  • Desired job title / s + keywords + competencies
  • Keywords + competencies
  • The phrase that says what you do + keywords

Or any combination of the above. But, I would even tell you that you can add some hashtags. To complete the information about yourself at the end. In this case, opt for a more general one, such as #engineering or #calidadalimentaria.

However, Do not forget the emoticons, just some, to make the headline on LinkedIn more visual and emphasize some of the words (you can even copy them from WhatsApp). For example, arrows, stars, a portion of food if you work in the food industry, etc.

In any case, the greatest important thing for me is that in that headline on LinkedIn, you include YOUR KEYWORDS, which are the ones that ultimately identify your profile.

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Financial Controller | Senior Accountant | Head of Accounting | Administration | Internal audit | SAP | BI with Excel & Power BI | Industry | Renewable energies #accounting #finances


Medical Affairs | MSL & Medical Advisor support | Scientific Advise | Medical Science | Dissemination & Communication | Healthcare | Life Science #OpenToWork


Environmental Health | Processes and Quality in the Food Industry | HACCP | Laboratory | Microbiology #foodquality


Example 1. I help connect candidates and companies | Recruiting and recruitment | Training management | PRL | Branding #RRHH

Example 2. HR Technician – recruitment and selection of personnel | Recruiter | IT profiles | Recruiter | Talent Management | LinkedIn recruiter #RRHH #talent

Work Orientation

Job orientation | Employment Technique | Training for employment | Professional Development | Labor prospecting | HR | Attention to diversity #talent


Administrative – Degree in ADE- Business Management / Expert in Back Office Process Management Administrative + Accounting + Finance + SAP + English B2 + Excel + MS Office

Creative Sector

Graphic Designer and Audiovisual Editor | Cinema and Television | Advertising | Freelance in Corporate Identity – web – video #audiovisual

Communication And Marketing

Communication – Marketing – SCRUM – Team development | I promote new projects from 0 to their stability #marketing


Example 1. Labor Lawyer | Labor Counseling | Labor Relations | Collective bargaining #LaboralRight #Collective Agreements

Example 2. Law Degree – Lawyer | Lawyer | Tax and Tax Law Specialist | Tributes | Legal consulting | Collegiate number XXX #law


Example 1. Site manager and industrial projects | Project Manager | Construction | Project management | Industrial maintenance #engineering

Example 2. Civil Engineering | Construction Manager | Site manager | Construction | roads, canals, and bridges | International experience | AutoCad #ingenieriacivil #construccion


Example 1. Sales manager | Retail Sector | Team management | Consultative selling | Achievement orientation | KPI’s #sales #retail

Example 2. National Sales Director | National Sales Manager | Sales Manager | Key Account Director | Commercial Equipment Expert | Leadership | FMCG | B2B #retail

IT (in this case, the idea is to place the technologies and tools handled)

FrontEnt Developer | Angular | Polymer | JavaScript | HTML5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap | JQuery | AJAX #IT

How do you see it now? Can you change your headline on LinkedIn and create something like this? I hope so because the headline is the first thing I know of you. And therefore it has to get my attention and invite me to visit the rest of your professional profile. Headlines On Linkedin.