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10 Luxurious Destinations That The Rich And Famous Always Visit

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Luxurious Destinations

Luxurious Destinations, Of all the other privileges, one of the most significant privileges the famous and rich have is going on a vacation every year or twice a year to the most exclusive places on earth. The rich people have a fully loaded bank account and a big name globally, which allows you to move about freely to the most exotic places you might have never heard of. They get all the pampering and personal time away from the world’s worries in the best resorts around the globe.

These places offer the best sceneries, the healthiest environment, clean air and the best foods you can even think of. They also offer private beaches, exclusive dining experiences, entertainment venues and isolated locations to the most renowned blockbuster movie locations. They love these beautiful places, and after their hectic work schedules, they get a mini-getaway from their work and enjoy the most exclusive residences.

Let’s look at the ten most famous and exotic destinations where the rich and famous visit

for a mini-getaway.

1)  Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is found in the north of Milan near the Swiss line. It is a highly exclusive location and loved by millionaires. The beautiful manors speck the bumpy scene along the lake’s shores, offering a lovely and heartfelt environment in Italy. It is quite possibly the most renowned destination and a part-time home for George Clooney. He has been seen around quite many times in the estate nearby.

2)  Cocoa Island In Maldives

Cocoa Island is among the many stunning island seashores in the Maldives. It is the most costly Island in the Maldives, but the millionaires love to spend their time there. The Island’s excellence and unblemished sand seashores speak for themselves. The turquoise water encounters nature’s magnificence, costing around $750 for an evening, which is highly costly for ordinary people. Nevertheless, the cocoa island remains one of the top places that you ought to visit with your loved ones and have the time of your life with them! The Island is known for the most intriguing seashores of the Maldives and offers heartfelt retreats to visit on your special days. You can enjoy marine life, scuba diving and beautiful nature along with the exotic resorts and inns.

3)  Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the exotic and widely known destinations by people around the globe. This region draws tourists from everywhere globally because of the exclusive locations, the climate and landscapes. The Swiss Alps in Switzerland offer a luxurious fantasy destination and fancy retreat, which you would love. The new mountain lakes, rambling glades and transcending precipices are all critical for the inviting sights, and they complement well enough with the top-class resort and inns, which are accessible in different places.

4)  Fregate Island In Seychelles

Fregate Island is one of the most expensive islands on the earth. It offers extravagant private resorts, water sports such as swimming, paragliding, ocean diving, and seven excellent seashores worth the cost. It is possibly one of the wealthiest private islands on the planet that costs around $3,422 – $4,985 a day. Moreover, it allows you to enjoy the most beautiful picturesque locations and fantastic locations. The Fregate Island is known for being prestigious and extravagant manors with huge pools around the Indian Ocean. It offers snorkelling, fishing, windsurfing, paddling, billiards, roaming around the libraries, cycling and many more.

5)  The Hamptons, United States

Luxurious Destinations, The Hamptons is located towards the east of Long Island, New York. This is one of the most loved destinations by the rich and famous people around the world. You will witness a massive gathering of the Hamptons in the region and the VIPs of the world as they own the biggest and luxurious homes there. For the rich and famous who need to spend their vacations away from the buzzing life of New York City, The Hamptons is just the perfect place for them. It gives them a welcome retreat of beautiful seashores, green grass, tall trees, and significantly more living space than a Manhattan space.

6)  Mustique Island In West Indies

Mustique Island is a private island in the West Indies that has become another famous tourist location. It is, without a doubt, the most lavish Island on the planet. Also, it has stunning water views around the wealthy private estates that will leave you amazed for quite a long time. In addition, the Island offers scuba diving, tennis, horse riding, various intriguing spas and a lot more than you would have thought.

Luxurious Destinations, This Island is a renowned get-away for all the rich, famous and millionaires of the world and is widely known for its white sandy seashores, namely the Macaroni Beach, Endeavor Bay Beach and Pasture Bay Beach. The most famous places to stay are the Firefly Hotel Mustique and the Sugar Reef Bequia. To reach the Island, you can take a conventional global trip to St. Lucia or Barbados.

7)  Paris, France

Paris is the most famous City of Light that can’t resist the urge to draw in travellers from each part of the globe. You can visit the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louver Museum, and numerous tourist spots in the city. The city is known for experiencing passionate feelings and the beautiful culture wherever you walk on the city’s roads, including authentic French cuisine. No doubt, the city is costly and in order to afford this luxury you might need some big investments or sudden lottery wins by playing Satta Matka which is a popular form of gambling in India.

8)  Laucala Island In Fiji

Laucala Island in Fiji is the world’s most costly Island ever. The millionaires love Fiji as it has palm-type seashores, incredible coral reefs and clear tidal ponds all over the 300 islands. Laucala Island is the most extravagant private Island and the most favourite spot of the rich to visit on their vacations. It flaunts the beauty and calm environment of the most private island resorts, with fantastic and breathtaking views at $62,000 per night. This seems to be a fair cost to be living at one of the superb locations of the world. Laucala Island is the world’s exemplification of a lavish island resort in Fiji, which will undoubtedly leave you dumbfounded.

Luxurious Destinations, The activities at the Island include rainforest visits, ranch visits, golf, stream skiing, fishing, horseback riding, windsurfing, kayaking, kitesurfing and many others. You can reach the Island through a speed boat and spend your nights at Matangi Private Resort or the Maravu Taveuni Lodge.

9)  Hawaii, United States

Hawaii is a much-cherished island and tourist spot for most Americans and different voyagers alike. There could be no other state inside the mainland U.S. that can indeed contrast with the exciting parts of Hawaii, regardless of whether it’s the traditional Hawaiian culture or the assorted scope of greenery found all through the islands. Since Hawaii remain situated in the Pacific Ocean, it seems like you’re going to another country from the U.S. But since Americans are yet in a similar country, you needn’t bother with identification or trade any money.

10) Calivigny Island In Grenada

The Calivigny Island has sandy seashores encompassing the Atlantic and the Caribbean seas, costing around £19,000 for a two-room cabin per night and £90,000 for the two rooms and three suites for approximately 50 individuals. This clearly shows where you should head up for your special occasions despite them being highly expensive. No ordinary could even dream of spending a night in such a costly place no matter what. This is just beyond the reach of an ordinary person.

Luxurious Destinations, This Island remain renowned for its top-notch extravagant living and its enormous land size. That can oblige more than 50 visitors on the double, yet there will not be a lack of space. If you ever get a chance to spend time on this Island. You can go for a morning walk to enjoy the scenic beauty, play tennis, go fishing, swim, cruise, water skiing or dive in the freshwaters. You can stay at the Island in WoBorn Villas or the Paradise on the Isle of Spice. The best way to reach Calivigny Island is through a boat from Grenada, West Indies.

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