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Top 7 tips for marketing your student film project

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Marketing your student film project

Student film projects require a lot of time, work, skills, and talent. So, it makes sense that you would want to share it with as many people as possible and potentially capitalize from it. This cannot happen without a solid plan and organized efforts in place. 

If you’re in the dark about how you can really get your film out there, here are a few tips which will help you reach the maximum number of people. 

Create advertisements

One of the best ways to promote your film is to make an ad. Video ads are easy to make, especially with Poster My Wall’s attractive ad templates. You just need to alter the imagery according to your movie, and change up the text a bit on these templates. Then, share these ads across as many platforms as possible to get the maximum leverage. 

These ads will not be the same as your trailers. Instead, you can build up hype for your film before you even release the trailer. This will help you create a sense of intrigue in your audiences. 

Set up a website

Create a website for your film. This website can be quite simple, with just a basic layout and a few details about the film’s release and story. Include your motivation behind making the film, and write a small section which talks about the effort and passion put into the project.

As you release your teasers, trailers, and screening skills, update this website, and also add a few compelling stills from the film. Once your film is screened and gains acclaim, share the acclaim and awards on this website as well to promote it. 

Utilize social media platforms

Social media is your best friend when it comes to promoting all aspects of your short film. Utilize platforms like Instagram and TikTok to market your movie. Share upcoming details, release dates, posters, announcements, and other such aspects across these platforms. Make sure you keep posting on social media and create a sense of community and intrigue by sharing behind the scenes clips, actor interviews, director perspectives, and other such details. Also respond to any comments or messages so that you can build an audience for your film even before it is released officially. 

Make a trailer

Make sure you have a compelling trailer for your film on hand. Use footage you have shot and put together a video of around a minute or two. This should include bits and pieces which hint at the story, but do not give away any of the twists or the climax. Otherwise, you’ll be spoiling the actual movie viewing experience. 

Release this trailer on your website and social media platforms, with the details of when and where your movie will be screened. Make this as high-quality as possible, so that audiences look forward to viewing your film. 

Attend networking opportunities

Do not miss out on any networking opportunities. Talk to your supervisors, members of the film community, and any possible funding bodies. Even if you’re not officially asking them for anything, just building positive relationships will help you in the long run.

In this vein, also attend as many film festivals and screenings as possible. This will help you become visible and prominent in the industry. This way, people in the film community will be more likely to recommend you and promote your work as well without you having to spend a lot of resources. Submit your film for award consideration and film festivals as well, so that there are no possibilities missed.  

Plan a public screening

Once your film is ,ade and ready for release, do hold a public screening. This can be in person or online, depending on your situation and resources. Invite people who have been important through the process and also invite people who will spread the word about your film and recommend it to others to watch.

At this screening event, also give a small speech about the movie, and connect with your audience in this way. You can even have a small panel discussion at the screening to really generate conversation and attract potential viewers.  

Design posters

Posters a classic way to promote your movie. You can let any inclinations for experimental design loose here, as you can create a number of different versions to share across your digital platforms and also print and put up in prominent areas and on notice boards.

A good poster will have eye-catching visuals, relevant release information, and other details like the director’s name and the main cast. Make sure none of these elements clash with or overshadow each other. They need to be cohesive and also follow a color scheme which makes sense. It is a great idea to got for PosterMyWall and choose the best movie poster template for your task. 

So, follow the above tips to promote your student film project and turn it into something much bigger. You can truly make a mark on the sector if you know how to market your film properly and get it to the right people.