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Planting a Tree vs. Burying: Which option is better for your Loved One?

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Planting a Tree vs. Burying – When deciding how to honor a loved one, there are two primary options: planting them as a tree or burying them in a classic coffin. Both options offer unique and meaningful ways to remember your loved one, but it’s essential to consider their personality and preferences when deciding.

For those who are fond of nature and the environment, planting a tree is the ideal option, while those with a more traditional mindset prefer to be laid to rest more conventionally.

As such, companies that provide this service strive to provide eco-friendly solutions that reduce the impact on our planet. They offer our customers a variety of eco-friendly memorial products, including biodegradable urns, reusable keepsakes, and living memorial trees.

This blog post will explore both options and discuss which is best for your loved one.

Plant a Tree in Memory of a Loved One

If you consider planting a tree in memory of a loved one, there are many different ways you can choose. At A Living Tribute, they understand that having the opportunity to watch a living memorial grow can bring comfort during times of mourning.

Green Burial

Green burial practices are where the ashes of a loved one are mixed into the soil and placed beneath the root ball of a young sapling. This helps turn mourning into celebration as families watch the sapling grow over time.

Forest Burials

Forest burial sites are another popular way to plant a tree after the passing of a loved one. They allow family members to select a specific tree species and place it at an existing memorial forest where people from all walks of life can come together to honor the deceased.

Cremation Trees

Cremation trees offer an alternative to traditional burial sites. They are made from sustainable materials such as cedar, maple, and pine and contain an urn with the ashes of a loved one inside them. They are then planted and allowed to grow wherever the family chooses, creating a lasting memorial for the deceased.

These trees also come with a plaque on the trunk that features an inscription honoring the life of the individual being remembered. Cremation trees are a great way to turn a solemn event into a meaningful experience that helps families heal and remember the life of their beloved family members.


When opting for a traditional burial, families have several types of caskets depending on their loved one’s personality and preferences. The most popular caskets are wood, metal, and fiberglass, each with different options, such as veneer finishes and personalized engraving.

In addition, families can choose between full-body burials or cremation services, where the ashes can be buried in an urn. Ultimately, your choice should reflect your loved one’s wishes and what feels right to you and your family.

In Conclusion

Whether you plant a tree in memory of a loved one or bury them, the goal is to find an appropriate way to honor and remember your loved one. If you know that your loved one is passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability, planting a tree may be a fitting tribute.

However, if you know that their preference was for a more traditional style of service, then burying them in a casket may be the preferred method.

Whichever route you take, take comfort in knowing that you are choosing something unique and personal that honors the memory of your beloved friend or family member.