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How To Record A Good Greeting For A Mailbox

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It is frustrating for a caller to leave a message when the voice recorded in the mailbox greeting is not clear enough to understand. The person wonders if they have the correct number and if they should leave the message or not in case the number is wrong. While it may seem nice to record a strange or rude greeting on your voicemail, you may not realize how it will interpret by other people, who may be important in your life now or in the future. A clear and concise phone message makes the difference between leaving a good impression or a bad impression.

Step 1

Write what you want to say. Typically, a voicemail says: “I am Joe Smith, and I am not available to take the call at this time. After the signal, please leave your message, along with your phone number, and I will return your call as soon as possible. Soon as possible”. You can also ask the caller to try calling your home or work number, if appropriate for the situation.

Step 2

Practice saying your greeting out loud. You don’t want it to sound like you’re reading it, so do your best to keep it natural. Speak clearly if you have an accent or speech impediment, and speak slightly slower than your normal tone. You can ask a family member or a friend to listen to you and give you approval.

Step 3

Find the cell phone function that tells you how to record your voicemail greeting. When I allow you to speak, say the words that you have practiced. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come out perfectly the first time. You can do it again until you satisfy. After you finish recording, listen to the message to make sure it is hear clearly.

Professional Greeting In Your Voicemail

A Good Greeting For A Mailbox

Your greeting on your answering machine is the first thing a person who tries to contact you hears. It should represent the quality of service they expect from your brand.

A professional greeting on your voicemail should be clear, easy to understand, well-paced, and friendly. Here at The Voice Realm, we offer our clients the ability to voice over professional audition your script for free.
In general, a voice greeting on your cell phone or landline should be limited to 30 seconds. The shorter, the better.
It should state your name or the name of your company, the reason why you cannot answer the call at the moment, and the estimated time it will take for a person to answer the call.

Here Are Some Examples Of Commonly Used Professional Voice Messages:

Thank you for calling (company name). We appreciate your interest. We are very interested in having you as a client, but we are currently serving another client. However, We will answer your call shortly. Please stay online; we value your interest in our company.

Hello, you have contacted (company name). Our offices are currently closed; our opening hours to the public are (days and hours). Would you mind leaving a message with your name and phone number and the reason for your call? We will contact you soon.

Use a voice artist: A professional man or woman that we offer in The Voice Realm can boost your income and increase your sales, leading to having and maintaining loyal customers by showing them that doing business with them is truly important.

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