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The Dressing tips for strong men: Suits

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Dressing Tips

Dressing tips – For strong and fat men, suits are a real opportunity. Because mainly, the men’s uniform can become a trademark for corpulent types if it is tailored very well to the body. We explain what is essential – and why you need someone in particular.

For those who are corpulent, the suit is a real opportunity to get an elegant uniform, which can also remain varied depending on the occasion. It is even possible to establish your brand. We advise those who decide to wear a suit. Often as likely to develop a feeling and a self-image for the matter. It is essential that you choose tailor-made or made-to-measure suits because too much fabric in the wrong place quickly increases your “problem,” making you look bulky. It is how a particular person should become your extraordinary friend: your tailor. If you can’t or don’t want to spend that much money, try buying plus-size suits off the shelf and finding a brand that will work well for you.

Suit tips that every fat man should know

  1. A pocket square works wonders because it draws attention to your chest, not your waist.
  2. A tie clip or a lapel pin has the same effect.
  3. Two-button jackets are perfect for you. Just make sure when you cut that if you let go of the bottom button, your stomach doesn’t ooze out uncontrollably. (We also do not recommend a one-button jacket for this aim.)
  4. If you prefer single-breasted suits, they divide your torso vertically. That stretches visually. Double-breasted, on the other hand, increase your waist size.
  5. Always keep your jacket closed – only not when you want to sit down.
  6. Wear a plain-colored, preferably white, shirt. It would help if you experimented little and prefer classically elegant outfits as possible.
  7. The pants must be tailored very precisely. Ergo: The trousers should lie close to the shoes.
  8. Avoid cuffing your trousers – it visually shortens too much – but with our tips, we want to stretch it out visually. That is why a clear crease is perfect for you.
  9. Avoid super narrow ties. The tie must match your proportions – choose ties with a standard width.
  10. Be meticulous about the details – tie your tie knot precisely and fold your pocket square neatly. Why? For some unknown reason, fat men remain often said to be careless, which is nonsense. Even so, it would aid if you didn’t fall into this trap.

Here are seven tips for projecting a professional – Dressing tips

1. Avoid wrinkles and missing buttons. Inspect your clothes regularly and hang or put them away immediately after wearing them. If you notice a missing button, sew it or take it to the tailor shop.

2. Keep your clothes and shoes in good condition. Befriend your local dry cleaner, shoe store, and tailor shop. The details are what make the difference between you and your competitors.

3. Take care of your nails. Everyone watches the hands. Keep your nails clean and trimmed. Nails are an indicator that you pay attention to detail, also at work.

4. Don’t skimp on shoes. You only have one pair of feet, so buy the best shoes your budget allows. Make sure your footwear is always clean and trimmed. If heels or soles are damaged, repair them. For men, it remains recommended that they buy wooden lasts that will help maintain the shoe’s shape and control odor and absorb moisture.

5. Pay attention to your accessories. Advanced in high-quality, practical accessories. Always carry a good pen, briefcase, portfolio, and a leather sleeve for your tablet or notepad.

6. Have a good bag on hand. When you wear a jacket, you look ready for business. Keep a dark-colored jacket in your office or your car. It will help you if you remain called to an important presentation or an unexpected meeting with a client.

7. Dress for the comfort of your clients, not yours. Avoid clothing that is too tight, short, baggy, or too revealing. If you’re not sure something is appropriate, don’t use it. If a garment doesn’t fit you, donate it.


“Spacious” suits don’t make you look slimmer – just more spacious.


You look best with simple, dark suits and ties, combined with a plain or white shirt. Please never wear heavy patterns – they only widen your waist circumference. You are welcome to wear suspenders to avoid having to pinch your stomach with a belt.

The shoes

It can be a little more solid, but of course, never rustic.