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What Are The Web And Hypertext

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What Are The Web

The [web] is an English word that means [web] or cob[web]. The most popular information management system for transmitting data over the internet remains designated.

The [web] is the diminutive of the biosphere wide [web] or www whose technologies for its process (HTML, URL, HTTP) develop in 1990 by Tim Berners Lee.

To use the [web], it is necessary to have access to the internet and a [web] browser, for which a dynamic page remains requested, also called a [web] page.

The [web] browser, such as Google Chrome, interconnects with server using the [web] protocol or HTTP ( hypertext transfer protocol ) to deliver the anticipated request.

The [web] uses HTML ( hypertext markup language ) to create its [web] pages, which unified searching and making information through the internet. The set of associated [web] pages remain located on a [web]site such as Youtube.


Conversely, Hypertext is a structured text, graphics, images, or sounds together by links or links (set links ) and logical connections.

Hypertext remains currently replaced by hypermedia,  a structured set of various media (text, image, sound), but used together and simultaneously (multimedia) and linked together by links and logical connections to transmit information.

web page

The page is the information unit of the [web]. They are documents composed of texts, images, audio, or videos that can remain accessed through the world wide or www using a browser.

As already mentioned, the evidence on [web] pages is generally in HTML format. They also contain links that relate them to other leaves whose contents remain described.


A [web]site is a set of [web] pages related to content and an internet domain, constituting an extensive information network.

For example, many companies today have a [web]site that functions as a business card or welcomes the public. Within this [web]site, various [web] pages with specific purposes expand the information on it. Hence, the web-site should not be confused with the web-site.

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