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Tissot Buying Guide: The Most Expensive Tissot Watches

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Tissot Buying Guide

People mostly prefer to buy watches from Rolex, Omega, Seiko, and other famous watch companies. But for watch lovers and collectors, these watch companies are not just their options. They have plenty of watch companies to choose from, and one of their top choices, aside from Rolex and Omega is Tissot. Although this watch brand may be obscure to some regular people, Tissot is well-known among watch fans and collectors.

Tissot has been in the industry of watchmaking for 168 years. Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile Tissot, created Tissot in 1853 in the Swiss city of Le Locle, in the Neuchâtel region of the Jura Mountains. They have created numerous models, and we will show you their most expensive watches in this article. Stay right there, and continue reading.

1. Tissot Heritage Navigator Limited Edition Men’s Watch

The number one on our list is Tissot’s most expensive watch. It is the Tissot Heritage Navigator Limited Edition Men’s watch. Tissot chose to bring back a classic anniversary watch, the Tissot Heritage Navigator, to honor their 160th anniversary. With the Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary, Tissot has reimagined the traditional world timer design to reflect the brand’s contemporary character.

The Tissot Heritage Navigator is a stunning timepiece that is well worth owning. This watch is a perfect masterpiece, equipped with a Swiss automatic movement, promises accuracy and precision, allowing you to be on time wherever in the globe. The bezel numerals will display the watch’s time zone once they have set it to a certain country. It sports a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that is domed and has a double-sided anti-reflective coating.

2. T-Sport PRS 516 Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch

The second most expensive watch is the T-Sport PRS 516 Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch. Tissot’s PRS 516 has its roots back to the 1960s. T-Sport PRS is a stunning watch with features from the racetrack. It is one of the best-looking watches from Tissot.

This watch’s dial has two subdials, a date display at the 6-hour mark and a traditional black hue that flawlessly completes the dial. It has a circular design to this premium timepiece. Powered by a Swiss automatic or quartz movement, the PRS 516 chronographs and three-hand watches have a 60-hour power reserve. The leather or stainless steel band with numerous perforations, suggestive of racing gloves, is its most distinctive characteristic. This watch is one of the Tissot watches that you should not miss.

3. T-Classic Chemin des Tourelles Squelette Mechanical Manual-winding Skeleton Dial Men’s Watch

The Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette watch is the third most costly watch on our list. Tissot Chemin des Tourelles is a wristwatch that you should have in your collection if you want to look good on any occasion. The Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Squelette, as shown on the dial of this watch, blends modernity with meticulous craftsmanship with a hand-winding, mechanical skeleton mechanism.

This watch features a skeleton dial with indexes hour markers and grey hands, as well as Roman numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. Tissot used a sapphire crystal substance to create the sapphire glass that protects the watch’s inside. The watch’s leather strap looks to be brown in hue. If you’re looking for a water-resistant watch, go no further than this one.

4. T-Classic T-complication Squelette Mechanical Manual-winding Skeleton Dial Men’s Watch

We have another skeleton dial on our list, and it is the fourth most expensive watch of Tissot. This watch is another Tissot watch that is quite popular, and it is well-deserved for the attention it is receiving. This watch has an edgy, modern vibe. It has minute markings, and the overall appearance makes it quite appealing to look at.

They made this watch of stainless steel, making the entire design extremely robust. The coolest part about this watch is that the hands and hour markers change color depending on the angle of light that strikes them. The big skeletonized blued metal hour and minute hands stand out against the grey metal cutout backdrop. Beautiful is an understatement when it comes to the Squelette watch. You may want to consider this timepiece if you’re searching for an edgy, post-modern timepiece.

5. T-Gold Silver Dial Men’s Watch

The T-Gold Silver Dial Men’s Watch is the most expensive Tissot watch. This is understandable given that the T-Gold watches are more expensive than other versions. Oroville is a true gentleman’s timepiece. The timeless balance of stainless steel and yellow gold used in this watch brilliantly captured the timepiece’s brilliance, strength, nobility, and durability.

This watch features a 40mm 18k yellow gold case. It also features an analog-type display with Arabic numerals on the dial. The dial, which displays the date at the 3-hour point, is ethereally delicate, flawlessly gorgeous, and deceptively simple. It also has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a transparent case-back. The brown leather strap with a deployment clasp adds to the elegant look. This watch is the perfect men’s watch. This watch is a real investment in the shape of a useful accessory.


For 168 years, Tissot has created numerous astounding models, and they don’t let down their fans. A broad range of timepieces from Tissot keeps it at the top of the game. From traditional and athletic men’s watches to women’s favorite everyday timepieces, the brand continues to surprise its customers with its elegant and reliable designs. Get these awesome watches at

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