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What is Brand ? Top 11 Children’s Clothing Brands

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Top 11 children’s clothing brands

Top 11 Children’s Clothing Brands – Every year is the same story; you have to renew your children’s wardrobe. Between ripped, too short clothes and stained sleeves, everything often has to be redeemed. And therein lies the tragedy because children’s clothing is a real economic abyss because we all know it.

Finding stores with children’s clothing is not difficult, but finding quality clothing brands is a bit more difficult. And yet, to prevent your child from coming back every night in clothes with holes, it is best to favour brands with recognized knowledge and proven knowledge. Top 11 Children’s Clothing Brands

To discover rare gems in children’s fashion, feel free to shop around at garage sales, consignments, flea markets, or buy the pieces from friends or family second-hand. hands.

How to select the right clothes for your child?

Buying children’s clothes can very easily become a puzzle: size, price, materials, you quickly get lost! Check out our tips for finding the perfect children’s clothing brands: Top 11 Children’s Clothing Brands

  • Choose a brand whose universe speaks to you

If the brand’s designers have a vision of fashion that appeals to you or values ​​that resemble you, you must make the right decision. Look at the colours, cuts, materials to build your child’s future.

  • Select a children’s clothing brand based on your budget.

When it comes to fashion, everyone has their budget. There are brands of children’s clothing at all prices, for more or less equivalent quality. For low prices, we think, for example, in Kiabi, for intermediate prices, there are Okaidi, Sergent Major, or DPAM. Petit Bateau, Jacadi, IKKS or Cyrillus are positioned more at the top of the range. Top 11 Children’s Clothing Brands

  • Choose clothes according to the age and size of your child

Finding the right size of clothing can be difficult. Accordingly, we recommend that you consult the size guide. Even if it is indicated that a certain size corresponds to age in a garment, the reality is sometimes different. Remember to take your child’s measurements regularly to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Promote ergonomics and comfort of clothing.

Clothing should allow your child to move easily. You should feel comfortable using them. So choose comfortable clothing with quick-release systems, not too big for him or too tight for comfort. In the case of shoes, opt for models that adapt to your little one’s feet to avoid discomfort and deformation. As for accessories, avoid them as much as possible! They will not be of much use to your child, and you run the risk of breaking in the middle of a slide;  You also prefer elastic pants and avoid rigid belts. For models, choose, for example, combinations of tennis shoes with zipping and scratch to gain practicality. For the bottom, opt for pants, leggings, harem pants that will provide freedom of movement and comfort for your little one.

  • Choose soft and comfortable materials

Ban materials that block sweat, such as leather, tulle, etc. Choose cotton and avoid those that scratch and lack flexibility.Top 11 Children’s Clothing Brands

  • Adapt your purchases to the seasons

To escape overheating in summer and colds in winter, choose suitable clothing. In summer, opt for short-sleeved shirts, shorts, and light dresses so that your child does not sweat too much. For shoes, wear sandals or open shoes, so your feet breathe. Winter, think of sweaters and cardigans that will keep your child warm. For example, you will find sets of sweatshirts and pants that will bring warmth and comfort to the little ones. Pair the oversized coat with closed-toe shoes and your child is ready to venture out in the cold. To avoid overheating the budget, buy clothes that your children will wear in a year during the sales, taking into account their growth.

  • Choose an ethical and ecological brand of children’s clothing.

The damage caused by fast fashion is visible. It is becoming easier to guide the choice of children’s clothing brands based on their respect for the environment and their social responsibility initiatives. Choice of materials, production conditions; find out more. To navigate, certain labels allow you to classify: Oeko-Tex (clothing without toxic substances) and GOTS (organic products and respecting good manufacturing conditions) in particular. Choose materials such as lyocell / Tencel (treatment that requires little water), organic cotton (less water), linen, wool, or hemp. Finally, if you are attentive to the origin of the raw materials and the places of manufacture, choose a 100% French and local brand.Top 11 Children’s Clothing Brands

  • Think second-hand about your children’s clothes.

Many stories of parents revolve around the fact that they buy clothes all the time; their child is growing up very fast. If your budget does not allow you to buy adapted clothes every 3 months, think about second-hand! Second-hand stores, warehouses, garage sales, second-hand online sales sites, many services will allow you to have access to quality clothing in large quantities and less expensive than new.

Selection of the best children’s clothing brands

What brand of clothing for children and babies buy? Discover our selection, and feel free to enrich it with your own favorites in the comments.

1 | Cyrillus: elegant and refined children’s fashion

Cyrillus is a French brand created in the 1980s. Specialized in children’s ready-to-wear, the brand then opened up to decoration by creating a specific line for the house. Cyrillus offers modern and original collections for the whole family. Thanks to unmatched know-how, the brand offers quality clothing, always made with love. Cyrillus remains currently distributed worldwide.

2 | Petit Bateau: the French children’s fashion brand

Founded in 1893, the French children’s fashion brand takes its name from the famous children’s song “Maman Les p’tits Bateaux.” The company proudly represents France offering collections always in tune with the times with a vintage touch that makes all its charm. Petit Bateau offers collections with the Oeko-Tex label to protect babies’ skin in the long term.

3 | Tape à l’œil: children’s fashion at affordable prices

Founded in 1993, Tape à l’œil is a French brand that offers clothing for babies, children, and teenagers at discounted prices. The collections are always colorful, modern, and fun. They always attract the greatest number. Very often, the brand includes its customers and partners in the creation process. Thus, the garments on offer are undoubtedly a success.

4 | Catimini: the children’s fashion brand full of vitality and colors

Modern and colorful, the Catimini children’s clothing brand has existed since the 1970s. Its unique know-how allows it to be recognized around the world today. Catimini sells ready-to-wear for children, as well as shoes, accessories, and bedding. The collections offered by the brand are always original, creative, and full of life. The brand remains inspired by travel and cultures of other countries always to create garments to the children’s taste. Catimini offers clothing for children from 0 to 14 years old.

5 | Sergeant Major – Modern, Comfortable, and Affordable

Sergeant Major is the perfect combination of renowned know-how and accessible elegance. However, the brand offers modern, sober and quality children’s clothing. It is an honor for the brand to design comfortable clothing so that children can flourish throughout the day. The collections are particularly inspired by the imagination and dreams of children. The clothes for babies and children stand designed and manufactured entirely in France.

6 | DPAM: the clothing brand that kids love

Very popular with children, DPAM was created in 1986. When it was created, the children’s fashion brand wanted to design more colorful children’s clothing, getting closer to the joie de vivre of our beloved little children. After producing ready-to-wear for children, the brand dedicated itself to the commercialization of toys, footwear, childcare material, and decoration. And also the collections offered by the brand are always fun, modern, and bright.

7 | Okaïdi: fashion for all children

The brand was founded in 1996. Very popular with parents, Okaïdi offers accessible, sustainable and universal children’s clothing. Moreover, urban and laid-back, the collections offer clothing in modern colors and graphics. The brand uses eco-responsible and comfortable materials so that our little ones can move around throughout the day. Okaïdi markets its products in 60 countries and in more than 760 stores.

8 | Jacadi: the Parisian brand

Very French, the Jacadi brand offers fashion for children and babies that combines refinement, sobriety, and modernity. It provides several ranges: clothing, basket, childcare, accessories, and footwear. Dress the children for everyday life or during ceremonies. All creations are created and developed in workshops in Paris. However, the collections are always a perfect mix between freshness and color. The clothing brand for babies and children uses noble materials to provide the garment with comfort and impeccable quality.

9 | IKKS Junior: a universe steeped in sobriety

IKKS is a French brand created in 1987. It sells clothes for babies and children from birth to 18 years. It also offers a range of clothing for adults. Unlike its competitors, the children’s fashion range offers very sober collections where black and gray are very present. IKKS offers clothing lines that combine fashion and streetwear. Today, the brand is one of the French leaders in mid-range / high-end ready-to-wear.

10 | Tartine and chocolate: French elegance

The Tartine et Chocolat brand is one of the first high-end brands to offer a complete universe for children. It sells ready-to-wear but also decoration, stuffed animals, and perfumes. And also, the clothing collections are chic, delicate, and elegant. The pieces stand designed in noble materials with careful finishes.

11 | Lili Gaufrette: fashion for girls

This French brand specializes in clothes for girls. It offers collections that combine femininity and modernity. Lili Gaufrette’s clothing remain designed with soft, comfortable, and natural materials to provide quality products constantly. The children’s fashion brand sells clothes for both day-to-day and ceremonies.

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