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Top 5 Useful Remote Working Accessories to Get in 2022

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Remote Working Accessories – Lots of business in the last two years have found that remote working was a great fit for them. It is a working model that has truly become a new model; in fact, a lot of IT providers now offer services to help businesses setup and optimise remote working practices. The best managed IT services London organisations can get include services for procuring office accessories for remote workers. If you are an organisation looking for home working accessories to improve productivity, here is a brief list of things that might work for you and your employees.

  1. True Wireless Earphones

The convenience of a true-wireless earphone is hard to beat; especially when you are working from home – because remote work involves lots of calls and video meetings. These headphones will help you avoid getting caught short when a spontaneous meeting happens, and you’ve just gotten up to make a coffee. If you listen to music while working, you can easily switch between Spotify or Apple Music (for example) to being on a meeting, without having to change your headset at all. What is more, true wireless headphones are much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, compared with over-ear headsets.

  1. Phone as Webcam

When working from home, it is good to have a webcam for video meetings – it is more social and helps you connect with your colleagues more. If you need, or just want, high quality video feed, then a high quality webcam will probably set you back a couple of hundred dollars. You probably already have a high-quality camera in your pocket, in any case! Your phone can easily be turned into a functioning webcam that will connect with your computer. It doesn’t matter if it is an iPhone or an Android, either – there is software for both.

  1. Multiport Adapters

It can be very annoying when you run out of connection ports for your computer. This is especially common with laptops, which tend to have fewer connective ports due to manufacturers opting for more compact formfactors. A multi-port adapter is a simple device that connects to your laptop with a single USB connection, but which contains additional connectors. They could be more USB ports; or they could have some USB ports, plus an HDMI port, and even an SD card slot.

  1. Docking Station

Lots of people nowadays opt for laptops. However, desktop PCs still have lots of benefits for work. Namely, they offer more power, more storage, and more flexible display options (you can connect multiple monitors, etc.). You can get these features with a laptop if you also invest in a docking station. As the name suggests, these are devices used to dock your laptop – meaning you plug your laptop into it and it will provide power and additional connections for your device. You could connect a dual monitor display to your docking station, along with keyboard and mouse, external hard drives (or even a full-on storage array), and plenty of other peripherals. Then you simply need to dock your laptop and it will essentially be turned into a desktop PC.

  1. Sit-Stand Desk

Sitting down for extended periods of time simply isn’t very good for your heart. It also isn’t great for your posture. This is precisely why more and more people nowadays are opting for standing desks. Many people cite that they have more energy when they are standing all day, and the improvements to their posture are another huge benefit. There may be times when you’re tired and you do want to site down for a bit, and that’s why an adjustable sit-stand desk gives you the best of both worlds. You can spend the majority of your work day standing up for your health, but you always have the option to sit.

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