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5 Best Video Editing Tools for Marketing

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Video Editing Tools for Marketing

Video marketing is on the growth. You must not miss the phenomenon. There are many explanations for this: for example, the video keeps your visitors on your site longer and catches the eye on social media.

However, while there are many ways to create videos, it is not always easy to stand out and make them visible on social media.

Here are five simple tools to create original and impactful videos to increase your customers’ engagement.

1.  PlayPlay


At the top of our ranking is PlayPlay, the video creation tool that allows companies to create videos for all their needs quickly: community management, marketing, employer brand, internal communication.

  • On PlayPlay, the animation remains done by itself: you have to add your text and choose a photo or video content.
  • Need some inspiration? You have access to a library of templates: top 5, interviews, article teasing, event announcements, podcast promotions, stories, raw videos
  • You can procedure your media or choose from several stock photos, videos, music, and royalty-free GIFs
  • PlayPlay integrates your graphic identity and automatically personalizes all your videos to your charter
  • Square, horizontal or vertical: you transform the format of your videos in one click
  • The bonus: a friendly and responsive French team will support you in your video strategy.

2.  InVideo


The platform helps you “turn your content into great videos.” The podium remains used by media companies, small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs who want to drive engagement through their video editor content.

InVideo is a substitute for similar services like Lumen5, Animoto, Wave, and Promo.

InVideo features include:

  • Audio tools
  • Media library
  • Speed adjustment
  • Split / merge
  • Supports HD resolution
  • Reseller Rights
  • Advanced editing

The only thing I like is that they have around 100 different categories of templates to choose from. The templates are simple and engaging.

3.  Kannelle

Kannelle allows you to make pro videos in 15 minutes via smartphone or computer. The video editing software is so simple that it is accessible to everyone, even without skills!

Three simple steps for a video in minutes:

  • Choice of scenario

Kannelle offers a library of scenarios for unlimited inspiration. These scenarios meet the needs of the various departments of the company. HR and training side: microlearning and tutorials. Comm ‘and Marketing side: employee testimony, Fast and Curious interview, etc.

If necessary, create your scenarios and share them with your teams!

  • Video

On a smartphone, shoot and get a professional rendering thanks to the guided capture on the Kannelle app. And on a computer, import your videos and photos, primarily via image banks!

  • Automatic

assembly Kannelle directly integrates your graphic charter (logo, font, colors, jingles, etc.). On the music side, import yours or pick from our library of royalty-free music. Generate your subtitles in seconds. And to adapt to all platforms, vary the formats (landscape, portrait, or square).

4.  Powtoon

With PowToon, you can create cartoon-style animation videos effortlessly.

  • Please start by selecting a style for your video: it acts like a template based on the video. There are hundreds of styles, from the most basic to the most specific, that will perfectly match the theme of your video.
  • Then build your story. You can divide your videos into different parts (introduction, problem, solution, call-to-action). Assign a basic animation to each of your details.
  • It has done, you access the editor, which allows you to personalize your video deeply: modify the texts, animations, add objects or characters.

PowToon is, therefore, a complete tool for quickly creating animations.

5.  Magisto


The particularity of Magisto is that it automatically takes care of the editing work from a “raw” video.

  • You upload a video, choose an editing style and music (Magisto offers an extensive catalog).
  • Magisto’s technology captures the mood and spots the best moments in your video.
  • The tool then performs personalized and professional editing, synchronized with the music.

A solution of great simplicity to improve and make more “professional” an existing video.


With these five simple tools, you can create original videos that can boost your content marketing.

You can also find a professional motion design professional or a freelance video editor at It’s simple and free: describe your needs and quickly receive quotes from freelance professionals. Choose the videographer who suits you by consulting his portfolio.

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