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What Are The Web And Hypertext

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What Are The Web

The [web] is an English word that means [web] or cob[web]. The most popular information management system for transmitting data over the internet remains designated as ‘the [web].’

The [web] is the diminutive of the biosphere wide [web] or www whose technologies for its process (HTML, URL, HTTP) develop in 1990 by Tim Berners Lee.

To use the [web], it is necessary to have access to the internet and a [web] browser, for which a dynamic page remains requested, also called a [web] page.

The [web] browser, such as Google Chrome, interconnects with the [web] server using the [web] protocol or HTTP ( hypertext transfer protocol ) to deliver the anticipated request.

The [web] uses HTML ( hypertext markup language ) to create its [web] pages, which unified searching and making information through the internet. The set of associated [web] pages remain located on a [web]site such as Youtube.


Conversely, Hypertext is a structured text, graphics, images, or sounds together by links or links (set links ) and logical connections.

Hypertext remains currently replaced by hypermedia,  a structured set of various media (text, image, sound), but used together and simultaneously (multimedia) and linked together by links and logical connections to transmit information.

web page

The [web] page is the information unit of the [web]. They are documents composed of texts, images, audio, or videos that can remain accessed through the world wide [web] or www using a browser.

As already mentioned, the evidence on [web] pages is generally in HTML format. They also contain links that relate them to other leaves whose contents remain described.


A [web]site is a set of [web] pages related to content and an internet domain, constituting an extensive information network.

For example, many companies today have a [web]site that functions as a business card or welcomes the public. Within this [web]site, various [web] pages with specific purposes expand the information on it. Hence, the [web]site should not be confused with the [web]site.

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