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What is a Personal Health Budget?

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Personal Health Budget

A personal health budget is a quantity of money to care for your health and well-being needs that remain planned and agreed upon between you and your local NHS team. It’s not new money, but it can mean spending money differently to get the necessary care.

A personal health budget lets you manage your health care and support, such as treatment, personal care, and equipment, in a way that works for you. It works similarly to individual budgets, which let people achieve and salary for their social care wants.

What are Personal Health Budgets?

Personal Health Budget

This video explains personal health budgets and how they help people access care and support.

Who can get it?

The right to a personal health budget spread on to people who are:

adults receiving NHS continuing healthcare

children receiving continuing NHS healthcare

People who remain referred and meet the appropriateness standards of their local wheelchair facility and persons who are already registered with a wheelchair service when they need a new wheelchair or particular pram, either because of a change in scientific needs or the condition of their current chair. These persons will be eligible for a personal wheelchair budget.

People with psychological health problems are entitled to aftercare under section 117 due to detention under certain areas of the Mental Health Act.

If you are not in a group entitled to a personal health budget but are interested in one, talk to your local Integrated Care Board (ICB). ICBs prepare personal health budgets and remain fortified to offer them to other patient groups.

How is a Personal Health Budget Compiled?

If you take a personal health budget, you will work with your NHS team to create a personalized care and support plan. The plan sets out your emotional health and well-being needs, the health outcomes you famine to achieve, the amount of money in your budget, and how you will spend it.

A care coordinator should remain designated in the planning process to be your first point of contact for any concerns.

Visit the people hub, where people with personal health budgets and their families and carers share their experiences.

A personal health budget won’t be suitable for everyone and won’t always be the best way to get support. You must not spend money on gambling, paying off debts, alcohol, tobacco, or anything illegal. Emergency care, medicines, and the care you receive from your GP are separate and will not need to remain paid out of your budget.

Monitoring and Revision

Once you take a personal health budget, your NHS team will regularly review your care plan with you. You container also ask your NHS side to review and update your project because your health needs change or you feel the current plan isn’t working.

You can waive your health budget at any time if you wish; you will still be talented to receive care and then support differently.

Can I have an individual Health Budget as well as a Personal Budget?

Yes. Suppose you already consume a personal budget for maintenance and support from social care facilities, and your NHS team agrees. In that case, your container also has an individual health budget and asks to be paid into a similar bank account.

What is the difference between a personal health budget, personal budget, integrated personal budget, and direct payment?

A personal health budget remains designed for your health care and NHS support needs.

A personal budget remains designed for your social care and support needs.

An integrated personal budget remains designed for your health, support, and social care needs.

Direct payment is a unique way of managing these budgets. So it is when you get the money straight to buy the agreed care and support you essential, rather than the council arranging it for you.

What if my Personal Health Budget application remains rejected?

If your Personal Health Budget application remains refused, you should remain told why. If you want to appeal, your local ICB will explain what to do. They you are still unsatisfied, you can follow the NHS complaints procedure.

Personal health budget management

A personal health budget can remain managed in 3 ways or a combination.

1. Notional budget

No money changes hands. You will find out how much money is available for your estimated needs and decide how to spend that money with your NHS team. They will then arrange the settled care and support for you.

2. Third-party budget

An organization legally independent of you and the NHS (such as a separate user trust or voluntary organization) holds the money for you and pays for and provides the care and support decided in your care plan.

3. Direct payment for health care

You get money to buy the care and provision you and your NHS team agree you need. You have to show what you spent it on, but you or your representative purchase and manage the services yourself.

Managing your Wheelchair Budget

Personal Health Budget

There are four different options to manage your wheelchair budget.

1. Notional personal wheelchair budget

No money changes hands here. The NHS will purchase and provide your chair, but you can donate to the budget with cash from other sources and get a higher-specification wheelchair. It was formerly known as a partner voucher.

2. Budget for a third-party personal wheelchair

You can use your wheelchair budget to buy equipment outside the NHS. You can also contribute added money from other sources. It was formerly known as an independent voucher.

3. Traditional third-party personal health budget

If you take a wheelchair as part of a broader care and support package, an independent organization can help you manage the budget you accept and pay for the chair.

4. Direct payment

It is where you have the money to pay for the equipment you want. This option is not usually available on a personal wheelchair budget these days.


Personal health cheaply allows you to manage your health care and support, such as treatments, gear, and personal care. Personal health budgets are a way of personalizing care based on what is essential to people and their strengths and needs.

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