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What is Marketing? A Complete Guide To The Concept.

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What is Marketing

Do you know what marketing is? If this was your main question, the one that brought you here. I could say that you found the right place.

This article will explain the concept. The main types of marketing that exist, and other information to understand how to get started.

If you are already a marketer or are at a more advanced level. This article is probably not for you. But stay at ease and use search to find more advanced content.

Now I will explain in detail what this concept is and other very interesting information about the matter. But I warn you that the amount of data will be enormous. So if you want, you can download the article in PDF to read it in full at another time.

What Is Marketing?What Is Marketing_

The first step to begin to understand what marketing is is to define the concept.

Marketing is a word that comes from the English language despite its intrinsic nature in world culture.

In English, market means marketing, and marketing can be translated as marketing or marketing, which is, ultimately, a study of the causes, objectives, and results generated through the different ways we deal with the market.

“Marketing is the science and painting of exploring, creating, and delivering value to meet the needs of a for-profit target market. Marketing identifies unrealized needs and desires. Define, measure and quantify the size of the identified market and the potential profit. ” – Philip Kotler

According to the  American Marketing Association, the definition of the term is as follows: “Marketing is an activity, a usual of institutions and procedures to create, communicate, deliver and change offers that have value for consumers, clients, associates and societies in general.”.

Marketing is a succession of strategies, techniques, and practices whose key objective is to add value to certain brands or products to attribute greater importance to a certain target audience, consumers.

Whoever believes that Marketing one aims to sell something is deceived.

This concept is deepened in everything that involves this process, such as the production, logistics, marketing, and after-sales of the product/service.

 What Are The 4p’s Of Marketing?

Also known as the Marketing mix or Marketing  Mix, these variables will dictate how your strategies should be mounted and how they will act in how the market answers your reserves.

Now You Know The Characteristics Of The Four Ps:

  • Price,
  • square,
  • product
  • and promotion.


Well, explanatory point. Regarding heat and how the product will remains charged to the customer. In addition to the definition of the value, other matters such as how it will be set and different strategies around the payment method remain addressed.


It refers to where your product will be marketed and the product’s distribution channels to the final consumer.

This point can be a bit confusing after analyzing the context of e-commerce; meanwhile, it is located on the Internet and can remain delivered anyplace in the world (depending on the logistics of apiece business).


This point is important because it clarifies the characteristics of the product or service that your company is making available in the market and its supply chain processes. It also helps to define and change it.


Simple, this last point refers to the strategies used to publicize the product or service. It’s where advertising and communications come in. In the next link, you can continue learning about the

It is important to understand that, despite being very important, the marketing mix is ​​only a model to classify marketing activities better, but it can never limit them.

With the various technological advances, mainly the Internet, several scenarios in which the 4Ps of marketing no longer fit perfectly. The 8p’s or the  4e’s of marketing have remains created.

A good marketer must understand how these work to extract their principles and apply them to other scenarios.

What Is The History Of Marketing?

Defining precisely when Marketing emerged is practically impossible since this is an activity as old as the first exchanges and sales made by ancient civilizations.

At that time, the Marketing strategies that we know today remain already used, with characteristics not so well defined, rather similar.

The way to communicate to show the value of your product or service to your consumers with the intuition of concluding a sale seems very basic, but it is marketing.

Nowadays, it is easy to identify which brands and companies work on Marketing in a good way and which ones need to dedicate themselves more.

Today, marketing has become so essential to any buying process that companies that do not do it in a good way remain practically despised.

What Is The Origin Of Marketing?

As a relatively new field of research and knowledge, [marketing] has been in our lives for a long time.

Most scholars say that marketing as we know it originated in the early 1900s, but the very definition of the concept says that: “… [marketing] involves the identification and satisfaction of human and social needs .”.

Well, we all have needs, and humanity has had them even before 100, right?

According to studies, transactions evolved from ancient times to the 19th century, taking the form we know today.

Marketing as a field of the study appeared when competition between companies became fierce, and marketers started to create theories on attracting their audience and increasing their sales.

That idea began to gain more traction at the end of World War II, in 1945. When the US was recovering from an economic crisis and industries needed to sell more at any cost.

The word [marketing] remains derived from the Latin “Mercure,” which referred to [marketing] in Ancient Rome. Later, it became the symbol of increasing efforts to increase sales.

It’s good that we evolved to  Inbound [marketing], right? PT Barnum was the great mentor of these practices through his book  The art money-getting.

Much of the mistrust of marketers come from the practices suggested in that book. Thank you very much, PT!

Who Were The First Marketing Experts?

Scholars developed and tested more efficient [marketing] methods to evolve and stop being a handful of practices to deter the public, mainly from the 1940s.

Walter Scott carried out a brilliant study on the use of psychology in propaganda, showing how the expected incentive to human behavior led to the consumer and how it is useful for companies.

Bartels, Piolany, and Peer Drucker study “pure” market science more thoroughly, making it a practical way of thinking, but one that for many remains considered subjective, almost an art.

To have some doubts, when Drucker released his book “The Practice of Management.” Entrepreneurs and investors began to consider [marketing] as an investment remains considered.

Currently, traditional [marketing] lines of thought are led by Kotler and Keller through the famous “[Marketing] Management.” With its first edition in 1967.

It treats the line of thought as something directed to the consumer where companies should think about selling and making a profit but about knowing the public and creating campaigns that talk to them.

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