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Why You Must Choose SAFE PRODUCT OWNER/MANAGER (POPM) Certification

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SAFE PRODUCT OWNER/MANAGER (POPM®) – SAFe has rapidly become one of the most current developments & delivery frameworks for scaling agile in an organization. From a personal standpoint and as a squad member, investing your time & effort in becoming SAFe certified will pave the means for success.

Professionals who have SAFe POPM® certification have the skill set required to guide. The delivery of value in a lean enterprise and the activities, tools, and mechanics required to handle backlogs and programs

A two-day certification for Product Managers, Product Owners, and Business Analysts where you will recognize how to narrate your role to a Lean-Agile mindset. By becoming a certified SAFe POPM, you will be capable to launch ARTs, plan PIs, & deliver nonstop value for your organization.

Greatly motivated with a wish to help organizations considerably improve. How they develop products that get better the lives of their clients. And reap the advantages that Scaled Agile Framework brings.

The SAFE PRODUCT OWNER/MANAGER (POPM®) Certification and POPM training course provide you an in-depth perceptive of how the Product Manager & Product Owner work in the venture to drive value distribution. You can recognize the particular activities, tools, and mechanics used to efficiently deliver value to the organization.

This training course for POPM Certification will methodically. Prepare you to clear the examination to get your Scaled Agile POPM certification. By the end of this course, within the sense of Secure, you must be capable to write Epics, Skills, Capabilities, & User Stories and have a practical framework for managing backlogs & programs in a Lean-Agile enterprise.

Is Becoming a Safe POPM, Worth It?

The SAFe POPM certification covers deep agile familiarity with implementing agile processes with hands-on sessions in product creation. Scaled Agile Framework is the most extensively used framework & keeps on growing in popularity due to the industry results that organizations attain through their implementation.

Here are reasons why you must consider

  • POPM’s play a significant role in organizations through understanding customer requirements
  • Understand the interplay of the client, business, technology to define & communicate the product idea
  • Take your familiarity and proficiency to the next level
  • Internationally known & in-demand certificate
  • Join a rising community of fellow lifelong learners

SAFe Training & How to Select Them

And this is where it can become complex…. If you look at the Scaled Agile website, there are lots of different SAFe pieces of training with associated certificates offered. So which one you must choose?

The initial thing to know is that from one training to a different. You can expect between 40 to 70% of the contents to be the same. This way SAFe training truly has some commonality between them including exercises. But depending on the preparation you choose, the focus will be on diverse areas.

The second thing to recognize is that even if the training shares a little commonality between them. The knowledge base is so vast that you would require several of those. Training to have a comprehensive view of all areas of the framework.